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Old 21.01.2010, 09:21 AM
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Default And the hits keep on coming...

John Guy fired.

Now all we need is Modrak to get the axe as well and I'll be quite happy with how things are shaping up.
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Old 21.01.2010, 05:37 PM
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This is it! This is the one single move that has seemed to get most Bills fans on board with the direction the front office is going in. By removing Guy it is sending a clear message which is "this is the new Bills, old mistakes were with the old regime" No more Dockery for top $ or Langston Walker. No more letting Pat Williams walk or London Fletcher. We have new talent evaluators. We now have a chance at getting good

To complete the good news i hear two decoaches that the press is talking up as our D coordinators are former Jersey Jets headcoach Herm Edwards or former Seahawks headcoach Jim Mora Jr. While this may be another pipe dream if we land either one it would put us in a beyond positive position coming into 2010. But if we learned anything so far we don't need names just change.
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