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Old 16.01.2012, 12:00 PM
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not in that game

I have my certificate and yes it doe's say Packers Inc on it... and just to confirm on it you will have the address you used on it... not that i really care because its my uncles address anyway... now do i frame it with some other pictures or game tickets im not sure!
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Old 27.01.2012, 09:29 AM
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Default Update from my source

Stock wise ? we finally made some progress ? they found that it hadn?t been sent and was sitting without an address on it (strange as without the address we couldn?t have bought the stock I said!!!) ah she said you are correct it must have been a computer bug ? well anyway they have now been given the correct address and will ship within 10 business days ? so hopefully this time we?ll get it as soon as I get it I?ll let you know.

By the way just so that you?re not too upset with the Packers ? the problem is that they outsourced this to Wells Fargo bank and it?s them who have been screwing up!!!
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Old 06.02.2012, 02:20 PM
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Certificate arrived on Thursday, just in time for my birthday! Has my name on it and my address in Jacksonville (!?!?!?). I am a Part owner of the Green Bay Packers! Sorry, just can't stop saying that!!!

Do you think I am now entitled to give Mike McArthy a call to suggest some plays to him - they pretty much all involve Jennings and Nelson going long!
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