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Old 28.06.2017, 10:46 PM
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Default Changing Teams

I remember seeing this mentioned previously in a topic or an actual thread (which I can't seem to find)

I was having a chat with a few mates of mine and changing teams came up, just wondering peoples thoughts on this, and also if anyone has changed teams and why?

(Changing from an unsuccessful team to a team that has started wining lately or has a better chance of a SB doesn't count either ha)
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Old 28.06.2017, 11:22 PM
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Are you considering supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers?
Old 29.06.2017, 12:27 AM
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In my opinion, changing teams is rarely (if ever) ok. I've been a Jets fan for 30+ years, and have only once even considered changing (after Garrison Hearst's ridiculous 90+ yard game winning Overtime TD run against us around the turn of the century).

If I can put up with that much mediocrity for so long, then no-one else has an excuse for changing...
Old 29.06.2017, 05:57 AM
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The way I see it is every franchise's first interest is money, they couldn't give a damn about the fans, so why should it be treated any different to any other business? Say you bought a PS3 over a Xbox 360 and loved it, but the PS4 gets critically panned whilst the Xbox One gets praised, you shouldn't just blindly buy the PS4 because of loyalty to a company (which is all NFL franchises are).

College is different for me, college football is all about the university and the community around it.
Old 29.06.2017, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Are you considering supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers?
Haha that's one think I'd never do no matter how bad things got!
Old 29.06.2017, 06:30 PM
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I have changed my NFL team and don't feel a single twinge of regret about it. I know within myself I did not change teams just to follow a team that was better than my old team and, to me, that's all that counts. If I had changed just because my new team was better than my old team then I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror.

My own personal story is.........I started watching the NFL in the 1980's so being a Baltimore Ravens fan was an impossibility given that the team wasn't even in existence yet. So I chose the Miami Dolphins as the person who introduced me to the sport had told me how awesome this guy called Dan Marino was and I liked their logo and colours. I followed the Dolphins throughout my years watching the NFL on Channel 4 until they ceased their coverage. During the years in which there was no NFL coverage on terrestrial TV I pretty much lost total contact with the sport, which was not good.

A few years later the NFL made a reappearance on Channel 5, which I happened to have access to at the time. I eventually began tuning in again for the Monday night games(I think?) on Channel 5 and began to reconnect with the sport. I found it quite difficult to reconnect at first as all the players were different and there was even new teams in the league that I had never seen before! One of the players who had disappeared was my hero - Dan Marino. Gutted doesn't quite cover it. Watching the Dolphins without Marino just wasn't like watching the Dolphins anymore. I couldn't seem to feel the same about it when Jay Fiedler was the QB. I actually hated Fiedler. Just for not being Dan Marino. A tad unfair but what are ya gonna do?

So my passion for the Dolphins began to erode pretty quickly. I was still classing myself as a Dolphins fan but my heart just wasn't in it anymore. Eventually I stopped fighting myself and turned my Dolphins card in. Thought I would test the NFL fan free agency market. There were teams I liked more than others and teams I would never even have considered following(Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, New England). So I was already gravitating in my mind towards the teams I had a soft spot for. Those teams were Baltimore, Cleveland, Minnesota, Detroit and St. Louis. I kinda knew it was going to be one of those five for me.

For around two seasons I wasn't officially following any team. I was just watching the sport for it's own sake and enjoying the game as a spectacle. It just wasn't the same though. I needed a mast to nail my colours to. I needed a team I could invest in emotionally. I had a brief flirtation with the St. Louis Rams but I quickly realised I could not support a team that played in a Dome. It just didn't do it for me.

One thing I did learn about myself during this time was that the things I enjoyed about the sport had changed a lot from when I was watching in the 80's. Probably as a consequence of Dan Marino being my favourite player, I had always been a fan of offense and the passing game. I found this was no longer the case. I actually hated the way the rules had evolved to make throwing the ball so much easier and began to resent teams that threw the ball a lot. I found I got much more enjoyment out of watching teams that ran the ball and/or had a really good Defense.

Baltimore fitted that bill perfectly. To me they were like this dark, threatening, unpopular team who would turn up and snuff out the league's best offenses. I liked that. That was good. I also loved the purple/black colours and the Ravens logo, as well as having a bit of a longstanding fascination with Ravens and the way they are portrayed in mythology. The pieces were falling into place.

Then there was Ray. Ray was the new Dan. He was the player who caught my eye and made me love watching the game again. Listening to that man speak and watching him play the linebacker position as well as anyone has ever played it, really spoke to me. How could I not follow this guy? He was awesome.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised there was nothing about the Ravens I didn't like.

Colours - check.
Logo - check.
Team name - check.
Stadium - check.
Head Coach - check.
My favourite player and other players I really liked - check.
Run the ball/Good Defense - check.
The team I hate most as their biggest rival - check.

It was time to admit to myself that this Ravens thing might be the real thing. I watched their next game which was a home game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens won and won convincingly. I was in. They were my new team and have been ever since. There have been ups and downs since but I have never regretted it. It's never felt wrong. I can honestly say that in all my years following the Dolphins I never once felt a rush of adrenalin like I felt watching the Ravens play the Broncos in the 2012 play-offs. That is my favourite game ever. By the time Justin Tucker kicked the winning FG my heart was pounding in my chest and my mind was racing. I didn't come down for about 4 hours after that game. That is how supporting a team should feel.

Maybe it's different for other people but I know for sure that changing my team was the right thing for me to do. The way I see it, if you are comfortable within yourself with changing your team then you should go for it. Don't allow other people to imprint their personal belief system on to you. It's your life and your decision, nobody elses.

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Old 29.06.2017, 11:16 PM
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Cheers for sharing, interesting just to see who's changed their team and why

Only time I'd find it not acceptable is if you moved from say Browns, to the Pats because they just won the SB, or from Titans to Broncos for the year before. Changing for the wrong reasons
Old 30.06.2017, 10:45 AM
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An interesting read CC.

The thing with the NFL is there are plenty of 'likeable' franchises imo. They've all had some degree of success too. I could make a case to myself for following several too if I tried, but really it's always going to come back to the Cowboys or 49ers because they were the 2 teams I grew up with (and I visited SF in the early 90's too and loved it). As CC alluded to, since the return of the NFL to our TV though I've followed the Cowboys day in, day out, probably since 2002.

Personally, if fans change teams once (maybe twice) i don't have an issue with it. It's a bit different if they change over and over again though. That said, I can understand how difficult it can be if you don't hit on the right team for you the first time round.
Old 30.06.2017, 11:04 AM
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When you're getting into the sport, hopping between teams is probably normal - as I did with Lions to Colts. But, once you've got a personal attachment for an amount of time, for me it was cemented seeing the Colts play and getting a signed football from Luck, then I'd find suddenly swapping teams a bit odd really. I've got my first full season behind me now, and I know that unless I went to Indianapolis and got beaten to an inch of my life by fellow Colts fans for no reason or something of that degree, I won't be swapping teams.

Certainly it's unthinkable in English football. It'd be like ripping out a part of me if I wanted to suddenly stop supporting Wigan Athletic, especially after going from seeing us lift the FA Cup to then 3 relegation in 5 seasons - and whilst the ride of supporting an NFL team isn't so bumpy genuinely, I think it's probably best to stick to one team and just enjoy.

Being passionate and proud of your team is the best thing about being a sports fan for me, and switching between teams negates that.

Edit: Just to add, if it's a one time move and it's as well thought out as Corvus corax's reasoning, then obviously it's a bit different. But switching between teams with a click of the finger, and certainly more than once, I think you transcend into being a fan of the game over that of a particular team.

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Old 30.06.2017, 12:52 PM
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The thing that makes it harder in the UK is unless you have family from an area in USA, or a state you visit on a regular basis, you can struggle to have an affinity with them.

For us football fans, most of us (I imagine) will support a team from where we grew up, so no matter where you go, you will always have a link to that club, growing up, family etc

Not sure how many I speak for with this, but I have no family in USA, never been to the country, not got any friends from USA and none of my mates follow the sport either

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