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Default Statistics

Obviously, it’s been very disappointing this year especially when compared to what we did last year. Before looking closer at the statistics, there were two things in my mind that I think really need to be addressed next year and in the coming years when it comes to our ability to either run the ball on offense or stop the run on defense.

Anyway, here are some interesting statistics I thought I’d share and how we rank versus the statistical leaders in the league. For the NFL leaders, it was interesting seeing some teams you wouldn’t normally think of leading.

So, I knew our run defense wasn’t good. But, we are really bad in other areas as well as being extremely inopportunistic with causing fumbles and interceptions. Is it personnel or coaching? Maybe both?

I only looked at a few things on the offense side. Again, our ability to run the ball is one of the worst in the league. You can’t really blame Matt Ryan though he's had a bunch of picks. The lack of support around him contributes to that.

Atlanta Defense
  1. Run Defense - Ranked 30th with 1,327 total yards averaging 132.7 per game.
  2. Interceptions - Ranked 26th with only 6 picked off.
  3. Fumbles - Ranked 32nd - only 7 fumbles.
  4. Sacks - Ranked 26th with only 21.
  5. Avg. Passing yards per game - Ranked 22nd at 249.2 per game.
  6. Avg Pts given up - Ranked 29th - 29.2 points per game.
  7. Penalties - Ranked 27th with 611 yards given up.

NFL Defensive Leaders
  1. Run Defense - New York Jets with 732 total yards averaging 73.2 per game.
  2. Interceptions - Seattle Seahawks & Bills tied with 16 picks.
  3. Fumbles - Seattle Seahawks with 22.
  4. Sacks - Buffalo Bills with 37 sacks.
  5. Avg. Passing yards per game - Houston Texans with 167.5 per game.
  6. Avg Pts given up - Carolina Panthers with 13.5 per game.
  7. Penalties - Oakland Raiders with 339 yards given up.

Atlanta Offense
  1. Running - Ranked 31st with 73.1 yards per game total of 731
  2. Passing yards - Ranked 6th with 274.4 yards per game total of 2,744
  3. Penalties - Ranked 12th with only 507 yards.
  4. Interceptions - Ranked 22nd with 22 interceptions.

NFL Offensive Leaders
  1. Running - Washington Redskins 155.2 yards per game total of 1,552.
  2. Passing yards - Denver Broncos with 350.4 yards per game total of 3, 504
  3. Penalties - Indianapolis Colts with 313 yards.
  4. Interceptions - Kansas City with only 4.

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22 INTs?! I thought we'd reached the heady heights of 14 this early?
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