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Default Superbash Travel Information

I've spent a bit of time looking at Travel options for the night for myself but still Havn't decided yet whether to drive or use public transport, hopefully the following is of use to some of you,and I thought a thread for those of us not familliar with KOKO to share info could be useful


Half way down is the following :-
'Car Parking doesn't look to be very easy near the venue, but i did find this
In case you change your mind I was at Koko the other day and found a great parking spot on Arlington Road 30 seconds walk away - free parking after 6.30pm, pay at meter before that...'

Perhaps someone familliar with the area can help here ?

Bus -
I found this timetable for night buses back to Victoria seems to be about every half hour

Taxi -
Looks like about £20 from Camden to Victoria

You can use the above link to personalise your journey.

Hope this is useful, cheers
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