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Old 17.04.2018, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by stocksy View Post
I honestly do yes... It worries me.

I think if he is on the board we take him, I think the rumours the Browns are taking him makes it worse - as if they do pass on him - and he is there I believe our FO will panic and could take him.

I hope not.

I am with Wayne - I think the other three its a lottery we have seen many times before and any/all three could work out - most like only one of the 4 will go on to be amazing - 10+ year starter and face of the franchise - if we look historically at stacked classes - so I think its a gamble whichever you take - Whoever we take certain fans will be disappointed and not like the choice - its likely that there will be 2/3 of the 4 on the board when we pick... I don't like the fact that no matter who we pick we will sit - I no others disagree but id like to draft a QB that high and he be good enough to start... but that is the situation we have. I don't buy the protection thing. I think the longer he sits the more pressure there is on everyone... especially as we know we wont be winning more than we are losing.
Definitely a lottery. Rosen, Mayfield or trade down!!

Here's a scenario. Let's say Bridgewater shows a certain level of fitness. Is it better to now trade down hugely with a gung ho team for multiple rnd 1s etc?? Worst case scenario we have huge ammo for next season's draft and a seriously improved roster.
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Old 17.04.2018, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Jetupandgo View Post
Nick Mangold to retire officially. Will sign a 1 day contract to retire as Jet. Easily my favourite player of the last decade. Thanks for everything Nick!
One of the all time great Jets. Played at an insanely high level for the vast majority of his career, and unlike so many of his peers, he was never a problem off the field. Glad (if somewhat surprised) that nobody else picked him up last season, wouldn't have seemed right seeing him in another team's colours...
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Our schedule for 2018 has been announced:

Week 1: at Lions, Monday, Sept. 10, 7:10 p.m.
Week 2: vs. Dolphins, Sunday, Sept. 16, 1 p.m.
Week 3: at Browns, Thursday, Sept. 20, 8:20 p.m.
Week 4: at Jaguars, Sunday, Sept. 30, 1 p.m.
Week 5: vs. Broncos, Sunday, Oct. 7, 1 p.m.
Week 6: vs. Colts, Sunday, Oct. 14, 1 p.m.
Week 7: vs. Vikings, Sunday, Oct. 21, 1 p.m.
Week 8: at Bears, Sunday, Oct. 28, 1 p.m.
Week 9: at Dolphins, Sunday, Nov. 4, 1 p.m.
Week 10: vs. Bills, Sunday, Nov. 11, 1 p.m.
BYE Week
Week 12: vs. Patriots, Sunday, Nov. 25, 1 p.m.
Week 13: at Titans, Sunday, Dec. 2, 4:05 p.m.
Week 14: at Bills, Sunday, Dec. 9, 1 p.m.
Week 15: vs. Texans, Saturday, Dec. 15, TBD (4:30 or 8:20 p.m.)
Week 16: vs. Packers, Sunday, Dec. 23, 1 p.m.
Week 17: at Patriots, Sunday, Dec. 30, 1 p.m.
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Could have done without 5 of the Divisional games being in the last half of the season. It's not too bad though but should be an interesting last 4 games.

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