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Old 10.09.2010, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by mrbyte11 View Post
Why Cards? - Followed the Cards since they came over here to play at Wembley in a pre season against the Vikes in 83??, Didn't like the Vikes Purple but loved the Cards red and the snazzy bird head logo (since improved)
fan for 27 years and counting
Can i copy this one pretty much word for word as it is how i got into the Cards.
A good mate of mine at school went and was raving about it next day.
Think I mentioned in another thread I liked the Card's players names such as Stump Mitchell and EJ Junior so followed them.

Mrbyte remembered Randy Love - i actually thought that was a joke when i saw him listed !
Almost as good a name as Chuck Long, a QB for Detroit i think?
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