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Old 17.07.2014, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by HowieThePro View Post
I've been to the Superbowl, I used NFL on location. Payments went to the NFL directly in New York. You can only get hospitality seats/pass deals but it was 100% worthwhile, very slick organisation and made the day even more special.

Tickets and special package it came with were delivered to my house in the UK by Fedex.
I would love to use nfl on location for one of the nfl's events one day. Everything I read on their site interests me a lot, hopefully starting with next years draft only if it's in NYC for a short break
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Old 18.07.2014, 12:21 AM
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Lightbulb Travelling to Super Bowl 49, Phoenix

Never been to a Super Bowl but I am at the very low end of the spenders I do NFL on a budget and back packed on my own doing Lions tours and staying in hostels etc.

So I can't advise on hotels but have done a Cardinals game - I stayed in a hostel in downtown Phoenix.... looked a scary neighbour hood from the bus at night but it wasn't. It was actually quite nice with like house bars - literally a house turned into a bar in a residential street all legal and licenced. Now I being alone and on a budget always shared a room but all hostels including this one had private rooms that couples rented... what it gave you is people to meet with use of the other facilities - you might not be interested in a laundry but as a back packer its great to have all stuff you need where ya staying. Also use of the kitchen so buy and cook ya own food.

However the Bar-B-Q they had on a Saturday night was good fun... any way as a Super Bowl is in town you can bet even a hostel will fill up but who knows if you get in first no one might of thought of this yet.

As for the game I had a mate fly in from else whether in the states but he don't rough it like me so I don't know where he had his hotel but he hired a car and so picked me up on game day and parked near the stadium in some private car park that charged like $10 - but both being several years ago and this being the Super Bowl add a zero to that possibly now.

Why not check hostel bookers and a few other sites now and see what availability there is and prices.

Good Luck.
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Old 19.07.2014, 11:45 AM
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thanks for the advice so far guys! We have looked into hotels in Glendale, scottsdale, tempe but we aren't very keen on having to drive on Super Bowl Sunday. We want to be able to have a few beers on game day!
We have found a decent looking hotel in Downtown Phoenix. It's about a 40 minute walk from Super Bowl Central in Downtown.
Looks like our best option, rather than having to drive.
I would love to use on location, but they are too expensive for our budget!
Keep the advice coming guys! Much appreciated!
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