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Old 20.09.2016, 11:08 AM
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Default If you thought WEEK 1 was disappointing.....

Well WEAK 2 put WEAK 1 in the shade ......

Where do we go from here I wonder ?

'2 games down and 14 to go' John Fox - that's right John and how many victories do you see out of that lot

I can't see any at the moment !!!

Tired and Fed Up Bears Fan
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Old 20.09.2016, 11:33 AM
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I can't see how we won't be picking top 3 next spring after that showing.

It wasn't all on Cutler like I have seen some social media posts saying as the blocking was abysmal, he had zero protection from the first snap, right now Bobby Massie looks a bad signing and even Kyle Long isn't up to his usual high standard. Having said that Cutler isn't blameless, poor ball security led to the strip sack which he injured himself on, and then he clearly wasn't honest with the coaches as he stayed in the game when he wasn't up to it, then coughed up that killer pick as he couldnt throw properly!

Alshon is a beast and was killing that rookie corner...then we stopped throwing to him!

It's hard to tell where our first W will come from, but I am dreading Sunday if Goldman isn't fit. That Dallas run game will stomp all over us.

Week 2 and all of my preseason optimism has been flushed down the toilet. :-(
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Old 20.09.2016, 01:07 PM
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I was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to have the opportunity to watch the game live on GP.

It felt like the game mirrored last week's game. Specifically a solid showing in the first half and then fast going downhill in the 2nd half of the game. The opposition seems to adjust to us at the break and nullify us afterwards.

Some thoughts on the good:
1. Jerrell Freeman had a good game and didn't give up fighting even late in the 4th quarter.
2. A better showing from the receivers. Kevin White looked more involved although the commentary made a fair point about his lack of speed. Eddie Royal had a very good game and loved his return TD. Jeffrey is a beast when he's on the money.

The neutral:
3. Soldier Field shouting for Robbie was nice. I am surprised there wasn't much more booing although the stadium emptied out quickly in the final quarter.
4. Injuries are stacking up. Didn't count exactly how many we have but we seemed to be beat up on Defense and not getting any luck here.

The bad:
5. Offensive Line is very bad. The commentary was mentioning that Kyle Long may be carrying a shoulder injury.
6. Running Game is poor. We only saw 3 carries from Jordan Howard but would like to see him start or get more opportunities. We started the game with Carey but I don't why that was.
7. Cutler. Not all on him, but a couple of mistakes that cost us big time.

Overall not a good game and the worrying signs of this being a very bad season are there, clear for all to see. Very disappointing game. Very worrying but we appear to lack any offense and the team is 'empty'. Devoid of characters and talent.

The commentary at one point displayed a graphic that showed that of the current 53 player roster only 20 players were drafted by the Bears, and Alshon Jeffery is the oldest draftee of that list. This is the lowest number for any team in the NFL. I do wonder if the horrible truth is we need far, far more drafts than Ryan Pace will be given time for. I also remember a stat like this two years ago in a game against GB, which again is worrying.

I also wonder if the Bears may have to make a move to bring in another QB onto the roster to cover Cutler, if he is out for any extended time. Also not sure how we adjust for the Cowboys but hopefully we can make adjustments or step up to improve on the first two games.

Regarding the Eagles, I thought Wentz played very well. Although we have the capacity to make any QB look like Brady, Wentz was dynamic, great at protecting the ball, clever with his passing and moved well in the pocket. Their Defense was very good too.

EDIT: Yep - looks like Cutler is out for some time: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap300...engthy-absence.

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Old 23.09.2016, 04:06 PM
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I went over for the game and the 2nd and 3rd quarters were pretty awful,not quite sure who thought signing barth would improve the kicking.
For me the offensive line need to block better for Langford and Carey and we need to get some defensive backs healthy,but mostly its an offensive line problem we have.
At least i cheered myself up the following night at the Cubs game!
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