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Old 14.09.2009, 09:11 AM
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Default Week 1 is in the books

So guys,

Week one down and not what we hoped for, whilst it's easy to say the offense looked limp to say the least I would say the O-line worked very hard to give Kurt some opportunities to make a play(which he often ran into a LB by the end) and the Defense under Davies looked very promising from the 3-4, needed to force more out of the secondary though

Beanie showed no.1 RB potential and Hightower proved our only real threat on the day catching out of the backfield. To be fair the Niners secondary did a very good job of coverage

Disappointing as it was a game we needed to win, realistically looking at 0-3 going into the bye week, have to wait and see how the O improves(if it does) and hope the Kurt improves into this new system or otherwise it's time to move on methinks
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Old 14.09.2009, 04:45 PM
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The Colts only beat the Jags by 2 points, so I think we stand a chance of winning next week IF our offense turns up.

I read on Yahoo this morning that the Cardinals have way too much talent on offense to only score one TD against any team.
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