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Old 27.10.2014, 10:32 PM
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Other than the steel curtain of the 70's, the greatest Super Bowl winning defences have all been single year flash in the pan types. (Maybe not quite flash in the pan, but you get the idea)

85 Bears, 2000 Ravens, 2002 Bucs, and looking like 2013 Seahawks too. All failed to repeat.

It just seems that whilst its certainly possible for your defense to drive you to a championship, for some reason those teams do struggle or drop off following the win.
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Old 27.10.2014, 10:51 PM
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But don't you think the lack of repeat wins is what makes it interesting? I'd hate American football to end-up as predictable as the Premiership often is (or the European Championships - how many teams are there in Europe? seems like only two or three......). Of course, a team that wins the Super Bowl twice in a row is special but then it also runs the risk of becoming 'boring'. I, personally, love the 'who's gonna win it this year' game. I take your point about the D. The Cowboys' game alluded to was a pretty equal O match but the Bears had a scoring D! I also think the high 'turn-over' of players during a season makes it difficult to keep a steady 'chemistry' going - so when a team 'clicks' with the same group (and the Bears by luck more than anything had that - labour disputes and all...), it is bound to be more effective than a team that constantly changes (did someone say Germany compared to England...?)(don't get me started on that one!) ;-)
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Old 04.05.2015, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by 85fan View Post
It was an extraordinary team - defined by the Cowboys' game and the two play-off shut-outs..
By any of the usual standards the Cowboys had a decent season that year; they made the play offs after winning their division. Yet when the Bears came to town, and despite playing with the back up QB Fuller, they suffered the worst defeat in their history.

With no matches for a few months i recently stumbled across the '85 Bears @ Cowboys game here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7tuo-7Q-KA possibly the the most jaw dropping defensive performance i've seen.

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Old 09.05.2015, 05:58 PM
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I have the season box-set and I think that that game shows-off how frightening the 46 was. In many respects it was an equal game but it is really the 46 defence that changed the balance when they initiated it. It is frightening to watch the 'rush', quite overwhelming (in more ways than one!). The Super Bowl itself was equally a 'tour-de-force' but with the Pats (it has been argued) less than 100%, that game was a bit of a given.

Having watched the season box-set once or twice, one game per week, you can see the evolution of that defence quite clearly and just how good it does get.

On another level - the 46 defence is not really football. However clever it was, the criticism that it made the Bears a bit of 'one-dimensional' team is true to an extent - sorry! After all, it is just one example why, on paper, the Bears should never have won a game, given all their 'issues'! That said, the fact that they won so many (and not just due to the 46) is the reason they got me into football in the first place! And all credit to Miami for working out how to beat it! Had that been done earlier in the season, I'm not so sure the outcome would be the same.
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