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Default Bears@Texans - In Review

So I posted a write up of the game elsewhere, there are going to be references that are in the context of the people there so ignore those. I'll simply quote it here for any active Bears fans on here:

We did these last year. I'm sure they'll die as they did last year, but since it's week 1, strike while the iron is hot and all that.

Also, it needs a rebrand imo. Instead of "refocused"

- Overall it was a close game. Texans deserved the win in the end. But both sides can say it was a reasonable start to the season considering expectations.

- Brock Osweiler - Struggled early. Threw a pick in the 1st, but really he just banked on his WR to win the contested catch I think. Didn't get put under a lot of pressure but when he does I think he struggled. it will be interesting when they face good pass rush. He already is going to Hopkins the second he gets into trouble. That seemed to work out well for him yesterday. Had some accurate deep balls in the 2nd half. Overall, a solid start.

- Will Fuller - I had low expectations, but he played very well. Was probably the difference between the teams. Killed the Bears when running the Go routes. He's so fast. Dropped one that would have gone for a TD. Later took a WR screen for a TD. I had questioned the use of 1st rounder on a guy who is more athlete than receiver, but credit to the Texans for using him creatively. They went for the home run with him a number of times.

- The Texans D was pretty good. Really came on strong in the 2nd. JJ Watt struggled, didn't look healthy. However, Whitey Mercilus was excellent. He was by far the most consistent pass rushing threat on the field. Not sure if that was him being really good or Massie being ****. Time will tell. The other standout was Jonathan Joseph. Dude locked down his side of the field. In fact I thought the Texans corners were all played pretty well. Kareem Jackson and Kevin Johnson both had good plays.

It was a tale of two halves for Chicago. Moved the ball very nicely in the 1st, couldn't gt anything going in the 2nd. Jay Cutler had a solid game, made back to back excellent throws before the half. One deep ball to Alshon Jeffery and another to Eddie Royal. The Bears need to use Jeffery more. He had one bad drop but was open all the time and made plays on all but that one when it went in his direction.

Kevin White struggled. Couldn't get away from Jonathan Joseph at all. He started to move into the flat on one play and then simply stopped which caused the interception. Too early to worry. But must improve.

On D the Bears look solid. Room for improvement. I had massive concerns bout the secondary but they did well overall. Tracy Porter did a decent job following DeAndre Hopkins all over. Hopkins won the battle but no shocks there. Porter more than held his own. Jacoby Glenn was good in preseason and impressed again yesterday. Bears pass rush struggled all day. That is a worry. None of Floyd, Young or Houston did much. That's a worry.

Danny Travethan and Jerrell Freeman were impressive. It's a huge area of improvement for the Bears. We were probably the worst in the NFL at ILB last year. Now we're among the best I'd say. They were all over the place. Eddie Goldman also looked strong. I think we'll be good against the run. Lamar Miller got his 100 yards but on 28 carries and at 3.8 a go, I'm happy with that.

I listened to the Around the NFL podcast on my way back. They don't seem thrilled with the Bears either. And as @Jiz points out, I seem to be the only person who is reasonably happy with the Bears progress. I'm convinced nobody is watching them. One of the guys on that pod remarked at how worried he is about the o-line... that's a bit unfair. I AM worried about Bobby Massie struggled a lot. But I thought Leno did pretty well overall. The interior was mighty impressive compared to last year. Sitton was just good. Whitehair botched a snap on 4th and 1 but blocked well. Long was solid as ever. And given this is the first time they had played together you have to expect they get better yet.
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