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Old 25.06.2019, 04:18 PM
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The FB NFLUK page is nothing more than discussion about the London games which is exactly what the morons at NFLUK want - sod catering for sensible, informed discussion for long term supporters of the game when the only priority is money from the games and TV exposure

The writing has been on the wall for a few years now given the complete apathy and incompetence shown by the likes of Qualcomm. Utterly useless

Shame as the users were here until they killed the accessibility to the site, the log in issues, the removed links etc etc
The Dolphins threads had a good couple of dozen regular users, we formed a FF league of 2 divisions of 12 teams for a number of years and game threads would run into dozens of pages. In the last 6 months there has been 2 posts. Utterly reprehensible NFLUK are prepared to undermine communities of fans who are passionate about the game the f-wits at NFLUK profess to be ambassadors of in this country

Would like others recommend the UKNFLFAN site - good bunch of folks who realised where this place would ultimately end up & went their own way

13 years for me and now done. Thanks to all who have modded and contributed to a site where I have had a lot of fun playing various games & drafts, have been able to have good discussion, and learnt a thing or two along the way - cheers
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Old 25.06.2019, 05:50 PM
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I'm starting to wonder if NFLUK is a secret operation to destroy the sport in this country. You've turned the London games into a touts paradise and now you destroy the best of your social media strategy
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Old 25.06.2019, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Forums can still thrive for the hardcore fan aimed at and serving an intelligent and knowledgeable fanbase.

The best one across the pond is:

I agree, it's a great forum
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Old 25.06.2019, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by BuffaloG View Post
I agree, it's a great forum
I'd like to also agree with this.

It's been a good number of years on here, but the writing has been on the wall for a while now, hopefully see some of you on footballs future but if not have a great season.
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Old 25.06.2019, 09:21 PM
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Seems odd that the NFL does want those of us who are not on Facebook as fans. But yet it also does not seem surprising.

My best memory of the forum is registering for the first London game and my code not being picked to be able to buy tickets, but then hank contacted me to offer me the chance anyway. I think because, although never a mod, I was maintaining an extensive FAQ on the TV section.

Aside from the personal self-interest, it also summed up what this site used to be, a friendly and helpful place that was well run. Being able to help in a very small way seemed worthwhile. Also there were semi-regular Q&A sessions with Alistair Kirkwood too for forum members to send questions. Like his answers or not, it kept the fan base informed and we felt involved.

But all of that stopped long ago, when hank was promoted. Now I only stop by the forum from time-to-time to see what is happening. Instead only attendees of fan events now get to ask questions, and shortly it seems only those on Facebook will be kept informed.

Over time I admit my interest has reduced anyway, I used to watch every game shown on TV, but making time for the overnight ones became a chore I stopped watching those. And when out on a Sunday afternoon I no longer feel the need to make sure I am home by 6pm. An exception being when my team is playing, of course. I am sure a large part of this is just my interests changing, but it is probably no coincidence how closely that change correlates with how increasingly less engaging the league has been.

I suppose it is the effect of the sport going from being a niche interest, that needed to maintain its existing fans, into something more mainstream. As absolutely awful as Pike has been in running this place, with seemingly a complete disregard for fans, he could not have stayed in his job without the management approving of what he was doing. So I can only assume that interaction with the fan base was managed obsolescence, in which case he did an excellent job.

So congratulations to the NFL on passing the point where not only can you afford to lose fans, you are actively letting it happen. I suppose with sell-out games and coverage on the BBC you can afford to take loyal fans for granted. You no longer need us to help share our interest to promote the sport. Presumably you are now making enough money now from the U.K. that the cost of that effort to engage fans is no longer of value.

I have had little interaction with the mods on the site, I think only once and I cannot remember why, but especially in recent years they have kept the place working. So thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to maintain a community.
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Old 27.06.2019, 01:28 PM
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What an absolutely horrendous piece of marketing and PR by NFLUK. This should be the place the we aim to maintain the growth in this country. an absolute $hitshow for the last few years and the inevitable icing on the cake is suggesting Facebook as an alternative...frankly I have nothing further to add to this forum than Fack off Qualcom you have destroyed the best platform for NFL discussion in the UK...
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Old 28.06.2019, 10:42 AM
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Well, there really isn't much to add. I'll try anyway.

To the NFL.

Long term success takes effort. You want to embed the game over here you have to do more than stick a Facebook page up so a load of millennials with famously short attention spans can copy and paste vacuous pap for other idiots to 'like'. I played the game here back in the 80's so can remember the days of 200+ teams in the UK but, what happened? It flamed out. You go after a demographic that blows with the wind, it'll happen again.

Forums are a great way for people to talk on-line; to engage, to joke, to argue. Twitter is a place to rant blindly and Facebook is just ****. Your marketing people have really dropped the ball here, particularly as maintaining a working forum requires almost no effort (ask Wayne). The reason this place has become so quiet has absolutely nothing to do with the popularity of the format and absolutely everything to do with the way this place has been deliberately run down over the years. There are OVER 400,000 registered users FFS! Most people would kill for that many e-mail addresses.


**** you, you ******* ***** of ******* you are a bunch of hopeless ******* ***** and I hope you ******** and ***** ** ********!!!!

I never liked it that you couldn't swear.

To everyone

It's been fun. Thanks to the mods that took over the site when it was ditched. To people like Bo and especially Wayne who should probably get a plaque put up somewhere. Hero. To Martz and Buffalo and Battle Red for trying to keep it going, running all those games and drafts. I never really did understand the Like/Hate game but enjoyed it anyway. To Iffies for the odd quip that had made me cough tea through my nose and to RC who always has something to say that's worth reading. To those Anoraks and their draft analysis, if I ever I want a 6th round Gaurd from some school I've never heard of I'll remember people like Due South. To GK, Bob, Manic Matt and even to Lee on the politics forum who has no clue but keeps plugging away anyway. If I've forgotton you it's not because I've forgotton you. Great fun fellas. I'll miss it.

I'm moving over to UKNFLFAN as I have a profile over there. It's one I wanted over here back in 2012 when I first landed on the site but the registration stuff was rubbish and I ended up as Lester. Should have realised then really.....

Originally Posted by Qualcomm View Post
Was there a post that made you laugh out loud, or reach for the keyboard in anger, or scratch your head in amazement? Whatever it was let us know about it.
Yeah. This one.

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Old 28.06.2019, 03:58 PM
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Wow. Such sad and disappointing news to have to be met with and I can only echo the frustration that others have shared here. Of course we all share the sense of inevitability given how bad NFLUK has become at serving and engaging the UK fan base. This is summed up not least by the dumb post that begins this thread, showing how out of touch NFLUK is and it's annoying disregard for us long-term fans. As far as fan interaction and discussion go, social media or otherwise, nothing will beat this forum.

I have been a part of this place for over 15 years in various guises and will be extremely sorry to see it go. It has been a place for me to share my own work on the sport in that time and for all the positive and encouraging feedback and discussions I have received I will always be grateful.

Other highlights have been the game time threads each week on both the NFL and College Football, even up to the last couple of years when participation dropped they were still entertaining. Being here during the NFL Draft each year was always great fun and I would find it far more entertaining to follow along here than on any other network or website.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the forum, especially to those mods/regulars who have kept it alive during it's last few difficult years. Thanks also to those who I have not seen here for a while (suspect some may still occasionally read, but cannot log in anymore!), I'm pleased that I have met people here over time who I am still in touch with.

I'll be sure to make the most out of the forum during the next few weeks before it goes and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Cheers, All!
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Old 29.06.2019, 10:18 AM
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Just a quick thanks to the mods who have kept this place running and the regulars who have kept the discussions going.
Interacting on this site really helped me delve deeper into the game when i first got into the sport in 2011, by being able to ask rookie questions without total mockery and without it i may not still be enjoying the sport today.
I may re-surface on one of the already mentioned forums, once the season is closer.
All the best, and i hope your team wins a Lombardi soon (unless youre a Pats, Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins fan )
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Old 29.06.2019, 10:39 AM
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Feels like losing an old friend. This place was great during the early 2000’s - from about 3 in the afternoon until 1 on Monday mornings I’d be scrolling through the gameday threads and contributing with great enjoyment over another fantastic weekend of football - the fact my team were (and still spear to be) dog dirt throughout made little difference. Some great times were had, with faceless strangers who I felt I’d known for years. It was honestly like being sat in my local workingmens club with people of my own kind.

Thank you to every poster that’s ever contributed, hope to see you all soon on another platform. Suggestions welcome
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