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Old 08.02.2011, 11:10 PM
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So who do you guys think was our most valuable player, defensive player of the year and offensive player of the year?

For me our MVP was Billy Cundiff. I was torn between him and Sam Koch. Special teams has been holding our team together. There's a reason our defense is ranked 10th in yards per game but 3rd in points per game (I know our guys are good inside the red zone too). I think that if Cundiff wasn't there this year we would've been s lot worse.

For Defensive Player of the year my pick is Terrell Suggs. He may not have the greatest sacks but this guy was there when it mattered most, in the playoffs and against Pittsburgh. In those games he registered a total of 7.5 sacks, 19 tackles and a forced fumble that got us a touchdown.

Offensive Player of the year for me is Joe Flacco, no one else really stood out so I'm just gonna give it to him.

I know these choices may seem a little bit weird so there's no need to tell me that, who are your picks?
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Old 09.02.2011, 08:05 AM
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I Totally agree, Cundiff put some serious points on the board for us, He deserves MVP.

I think on D its a toss up between Suggs and Reed, Im so glad Suggs came out this year with something to prove, And he got the job done, Suggs and Ngata are going to be the new Lewis and Reed, True Leaders in the Ranks.

As for Offence it has to be Joe really, Like you say we didnt have any real play makers. But i still say that Boldin did an awesome job to say the amount of cover he had on him. He was singeled out ever game.
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Old 09.02.2011, 09:54 AM
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Suggs for team MVP, basically a one man passrush and brilliant run defender.
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Old 10.02.2011, 06:03 PM
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I think all great suggestions. I'll second Cundiff as MVP - he had a fantastic year and truly deserves his new contract. As for offensive MVP - Flacco did his best to keep the offence together but I am gong to go for Mason who overcame some injuries and showed time and again why he is Flacco's number 1 check-down.

While Suggs, Ngata and Reed had great years, just to throw another name out there I am tempted to give some credit to Chris Carr as defensive MVP. Baltimore gets a lot of hassle for the secondary, but while it was riddled with problems and Washington, Wilson and Webb got burned a lot learning new coverages and schemes, Carr really stepped up and improved his game. I was constantly impressed by his coverage and by the end of the season he was hitting guys hard and causing a nice amount of forced fumbles. Not only that but he really came into his own as a spokesperson for the team. I think he is a priority re-signing and alongside Foxworth will give Reed and Landry the support they need to leave us with a superbowl contending secondary next year.
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Old 11.02.2011, 12:55 PM
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Same players here really!
I'd just be repeating most of the comments already made
If Ed had been fit for the full season mind he'd have walked the MVP award
As a side note, I was pleased to see Heap playing back to his best this season
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