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Old 23.06.2011, 08:23 PM
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Default The secondary

Alright we picked Jimmy Smith at CB in the draft and we of course have Ed Reed who is elite and Smith is supposedly going to be elite, so that's one half of the secondary done, but the other half? I'll be disappointed if Landry, as expected, is not resigned. Quality player who is overshadowed by Reed. I think Zbikowski is certainly good enough to start so i'm not too worried there. But then we have CB. We have Carr, Washington and Wilson who are all going to become Free agents. Who do you think we should resign. Personally I would let the other 2 go for Wilson, he wants to stay, we tend to like him (He is forgiven for blowing coverage on winning play vs. Atlanta for winning it at the last against Houston) and I think him and Smith would make a formidable cornerback duo. If Landry would stay, though unlikely, we would have an elite secondary, provided Smith works out.

Also, anyone know much about Chykie Brown, the CB we drafted?
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Old 25.06.2011, 05:29 PM
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Ill start by saying Chykie Brown is a good solid Corner, He lost Draft stock because he had a fore arm injury against Kansas State in week nine that ended his senior season. The Longhorns had an elite secondary and Chykie was a big part of it. But, and its a big but, He is not elite at any one aspect of his game, And he lacks instict sometimes. He is not a starter by any means. But with time and some tuition from our vets i think he will turn into a solid Corner in the NFL. Plus he is pretty good at Safety. So he will be another back up there. Obviously im a longhorns fan so i love the guy. But i hope he gets given a chance.

Right onto the free agent mess we have, Wilson to me is our No.1 Corner. He is a real solid talent and a real Raven. So re-signing him is a priority. We also have Foxworth and Webb. Who again are really good guys. But im willing to let Foxy go if we need to splash cash elswhere. Washington is gone. Thats a no brainer. But Carr id want to keep. Again a good solid guy. As for Jimmy Smith iv never put much faith in Rookies, Everyone is talking like he is single handedly going to shut down every QB, And that just aint goimg to happen. He is a freak athlete and i think he will become Elite. And it wouldnt surprise me if he started right off the bat.

1.Wilson 2.Smith

3.Carr 4.Webb

5.Foxworth 6.Brown
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