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Old 12.08.2011, 11:52 PM
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Default Steelers @ Redskins Pre season 2011.

Who's watching the game then
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Old 13.08.2011, 10:26 PM
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not a bad game, was good chance to see some of our future stars in action. Tomlin didnt really release the beasts which is good news - infact he didnt even take them. They probably come out the wood work after the next game no doubt...
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Old 15.08.2011, 08:14 AM
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Hard to judge really as we took our starters out early compared to Washington who left theirs in a bit longer.

Ike got injured,will miss the rest of pre-season should hopefully be back for week 1

Special teams looked awful, allowing a few big returns on a shortened field this year.

Dixon is still looking to run than pass - when he runs hes holding the ball out screaming for a fumble, when he passes the release doesn't look good. He's 4th and cut on my depth chart.

Lewis and Butler both look like draft misses, expect 1 of them to get cut as I don't see any of them challenging Gay at the moment for nickel back never mind B-Mac for a starting role.

On the positives, Redman looked impressive again. I doubt he will get many opportunities in the season though. Also a good downfield block by Brown on Redmans TD run. Brown was also impressive and by far the best looking receiver.

Heyward showed a few glimpses of his potential.

Also I don't think we were penalised until the 4th quarter which is always nice (although the evil dark sith overlord Deebo didnt play many snaps )

I hate to say it but Washington looked better prepared than us in the shortened training camp.
But its only pre-season and the teams that play the best football in August are rarely there in January. I'm sure Mike will Iron out the kinks over the next 3 games (especially on special teams coverage)
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