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Old 13.10.2009, 02:53 PM
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its a lot more realistic this year.

if you have a a player who has regressed a lot, so normally a player who was high paid and is no longer worth it but is still a decent starter, if the cap hit isnt to high it can be worth releasing them and then re signing them.

also handle your own signings with rookies as you can get some real gems in the late rounds now and the CPU gives them 1 year deals which then cost you a fortune to re sign. sign them to the realistic 3-4 years they have no or low bonus so can be cut easily if they are busts.

wish they would bring in Restricted free agency
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Old 14.10.2009, 11:50 AM
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I got to the end of a season and my roster was short-staffed at several positions, when i went to progress i could only do so by allowing the CPU to handle my franchise options, such as depth chart re-order, and the other ones.
I then got the option to "CLEAR CAP" I then selected yes. Seemed to work. But i don't know how to view my total cap penalty.
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Old 14.10.2009, 12:56 PM
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Draft well and sign 4th round onwards to 7 year deals just in case they're really good. I have several 80+ players with A potential with 7 year deals of less than half a million a year.
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Old 14.10.2009, 01:08 PM
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And pay attention to the scouting and potential ratings.

Every draft there are tons of gems to be found.

I dissected my Washington Redskins and had a Superbowl win in my third and fourth year.

All with young draft picks.
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Old 15.10.2009, 09:40 AM
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Im in the beginning of my 6th season and must say you really suffer if you've gone all out to re-sign players on the back of a good season, especially if they slip the next year.

If you are going to be releasing players and paying the penalties, make sure not to go spending the cap space on anything more than minimum salary contracts or one year deals.

One thing I've been doing is releasing some players who say cost 6m to release because next seasons cap hit is more than that to keep them on. Then with the saving use it to re-sign another lousy contract to a bigger deal but for one year. Enables you to shift a few bad contracts in one season. Doesn't help you add proven players in free agency for that season but it does help 'clean house'

Be very wary of the ratings drops as well. I had a DT rated 74 end up with back to back 15 sack seasons and one DPOY award, his ratings really jumped up to 88, so re-signed him to a big deal to keep him, that year in 4th round ended up grabbing his replacement DT rated 84 straight off the bat. Original DT had a rough year and dropped back down to 77 and being paid 5m then has since dropped down to 69 and was getting 7.5m!!
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Old 15.10.2009, 02:42 PM
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I just hate how some above average player holds you to absolute ransom and so you don't bother only to see him 1 week later sign for a cpu team for the 1/year base salary.

That is just s**t programming.
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Old 16.10.2009, 10:16 AM
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If your feeling really cheesy then the old glitch of editing a players position so there OVR drops dramatically, meaning they will sign for a lot less, still works.

As does trading away your draft picks for more than they are worth, i.e you can trade your first for another teams first and second. Your second for a second and third. Basically like dealing with Mangini and Al Davies!!
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