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Old 17.09.2014, 05:54 PM
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Default DeMarco Murray's Contract......

I know it's early to start this one off, but in the final year of his contract Murray is putting up some big numbers. So, the question is, what's a 27 year old RB worth?

I think if he stays healthy you have to resign him. Looking around the league these are some of the top numbers for RB contracts.......

Jamaal Charles - 4yr/ $27,750,000 extension (2014).
LeSean McCoy - 5 yr / $45,000,000 extension (2012). ($20.765 guaranteed).
Matt Forte - 4yr / $30,400,000 extension (2012) ($13,800,000 guaranteed).

The Running Back market has dried up in recent years, just look at Charles' recent extension.

Charles signed his contract extension at age 27 (I think), which is what Murray will be if he signed a new deal in Dallas. Charles has cap numbers of $9.5m, $8m, $6m, and $7m for the next 4 years.

I'd be happy to resign Murray to something like a 3yr / $21m. That may seem a lot, but if this team is going to be built on the run it's worth it. If they structure it so his cap number falls over the years, i.e. $8m, $7m, $6m, it would make sense, but that's cap permitting, and Dez needs to signed too.

I expect Murray would want a 4 year deal though, as he, and his agent, know this will be his one big deal. With Charles getting $27m over 4 years, I think $24m over 4 years wouldn't be too bad for either side.

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