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Old 26.02.2016, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
Jack Conklin was asked who the best pass rusher he has ever faced was, Randy Gregory, this is from a guy who has been up against Bosa among others, makes you wonder what's going on?
The thing I'd say is........is Conklin a better, stronger, more experienced player now (2015) than he was when he faced Gregory (2014)? A year on, I'd say yes. So the players he faced last year in college perhaps seemed 'easier' to handle because he's a better player now.

The other thing is Conklin's 'weakness' is facing speed rushers. That's Gregory. Gregory beats people with first step quickness and his ability to bend well for such a tall guy. Conklin is more of a power guy, if you try to bull rush him you'll struggle, try to go round him or spin back inside and you have a better chance.

We'll see how Gregory plays after his suspension next season. Hopefully he adds a little strength in his first full off season in an NFL programme, a time when a noticeable change takes place for 2nd year players usually. Staying healthy would help things too.
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Old 26.02.2016, 11:38 AM
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On the other hand, he would have faced many speedy rushers both in 2014 and 15, maybe he should have said Gregory was the best speed rusher or the best from 2014, I don't know I,m just repeating what he said and trying to find a positive for Gregory cos God knows he needs one!!
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