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Old 12.09.2017, 10:18 PM
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Not yet, but 29 days until I leave to see the Jags play in Jacksonville.

Only taken me 17 years. Getting a little excited now.
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Old 15.09.2017, 04:03 AM
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I did my first trips to watch games in America last year. Saw Notre Dame@Syracuse and Seahawks@Jets at the Metlife in week 4 and then went back over for the Packers@Redskins SNF game later on in the season.

I loved the experience that much that I'm going over this year to watch Kentucky@Vanderbilt, Cincinnati@Tennessee and Arizona@Houston.

I honestly don't think Wembley games will be the same again after experiencing games in the US.

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Old 16.09.2017, 07:29 PM
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Been to loads, all Bucs / USF games! (Went to Navy v Notre Dame in Orlando in 2000, but too young to remember!)

Just back from Tampa last week, caught the 2 Bucs home pre season games plus USF in their 2nd Week game.......and got soaked at all 3 games! September in Florida for NFL is not a good idea haha

Loads of pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/991643...57688216504385
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Old 17.09.2017, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Pedal Bin View Post
Not yet, but 29 days until I leave to see the Jags play in Jacksonville.

Only taken me 17 years. Getting a little excited now.

I haven't been to a game in USA yet, but possibly next year I'll go to Florida to see my Jaguars play and maybe Miami and T if I time it right.
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Old 18.09.2017, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
And like painting the Blackpool tower, you now need to start over as 3 teams have or are about to move city plus a few have moved stadium!
Exactly! We have to revisit Minnesota, Philly, Atlanta, San Francisco and Dallas, plus visit LA Chargers, LA Rams and Las Vegas Raiders. That'll keep us going for a few more years.
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Old 18.09.2017, 04:25 PM
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I've been to Dallas @ Washington, and most recently, New England @ Denver en-route to winning Superbowl 50. Osweiler to Anderson in the snow for a Broncos win in OT. Incredible trip, incredible game, incredible atmosphere... incredible speed from Tom Brady as he sprinted off up the tunnel at the end, accompanied by the American version of 'get yourself to F....!' ringing in his ears.

Going across the pond in a few weeks and have tickets for New England @ NY Jets..... looking forward to the event, the atmosphere, the stadium... expecting Brady & Co to wipe the floor with the hapless Jets though.

Have been to Denver three times and have done the stadium tour twice (summer visits, out of season), have also done the stadium tours at the old Cowboys stadium, the new Cowboys JerryWorld stadium (all flash and no substance IMHO), the Louisiana Superdome, the Georgia Dome, and most recently, the University of Phoenix Stadium.

I didn't do an official tour, but was in Seattle recently and walked down to CenturyLink to take some photos. A kindly lass' who was going into the stadium with boxes of Coca Cola and potato chips let me in with her to see inside. I've also walked past and took photos of the Titans stadium while on holiday in Nashville.
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Old 19.09.2017, 02:35 AM
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Mercedes Benz Stadium is very impressive. Was quite humid for a night game but that's not unusual.

Food prices are reasonable, and so are drinks if you don't want to waste $9 for a bottle of beer.

Had excellent seats, and the field looks nice and bright.

Would like to attend a game in the cooler months with the roof open.
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Old 26.09.2017, 04:55 PM
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I've been to several at Miami, but not been for a few years and so looking forward to visiting the newly renovated stadium soon (once the team get better.... so maybe will have to wait a few years then!!!). I have also attended a match in Tampa when I sat among a large group of Browns fans by pure chance, who were great fun throwing dog biscuits at the ref and such. The experience is more akin to attending a Rugby Union match here, than UK football ("soccer") as generally it's well tempered joking and banter among mixed fans. Of course the difference being the huge crowds and massive stadiums, with a lot more razzmatazz including loads of musical interludes and cheerleader dancing covering the numerous stops/gaps throughout the game. It kind of makes sense of the constant going back to the studio that we experience generally on UK TV coverage. Having said that I have found the worst part of the experience is some of the surrounding and seemingly unsafe areas of cities which you can stray into whilst travelling to/from the stadiums in error (getting lost in down town Tampa springs to mind and would not recommend!). But it is certainly a fun experience and quite different to what I have experienced at recent UK games. Although I would say that during the London Monarchs heyday (showing my age now I know) the atmosphere was comparable to a degree. But certainly would suggest any fan needs to try and experience it at some stage.
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Old 06.10.2017, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyk26 View Post
I'll also be at this game in October and is my first taste of seeing an NFL game in America!

Just out of interest, where did you purchase your tickets from for this game?
I'm going to this one as well. I was at the Jets v Denver in 2014 at the MetLife. Really enjoyed it. This time I'll get to see Brady and the Pats which is brilliant. -- Just an FYI, from the Port Authority they run buses to the game. $10 each way I think. A very easy way of getting there and back to the stadium. The tickets are a lot dearer this time so it looks as if it'll be the cheap seats for the 3 of us. Going by Ticketmaster's website, there are quite a few tickets for sale so we're maybe looking to 'upgrade' during the game if we see some empty seats at the halfway line!!
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Old 07.10.2017, 08:02 PM
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Just went to New York and watched Jets Vs Jags and went to titans Vs dolphins in 2015 both brilliant experiences, not been to London games thought prefer the whole experience
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