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Old 01.10.2009, 10:34 AM
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In our division as well. No hope. We have overpaid players that don't appear to have the hunger or spirit of those busting to get a deal or make a name for themselves. Smoot has been a disappointment for a few years now and on occasion he bottles tackles (unlike Landry) and then when he makes one he gets hurt. Is it me or is DeAngelo Hall really up to the hype? His rookie season at Atlanta was good but since then? I look at teams around the league with slight envy such as the Bengals and 49ers who can move the ball - let's face it - we haven't had a decent offence for years. Remember the play-off game against the Bucs that we won with about 120 yards of total offence? This is nothing new and is showing no sign of changing. What to do?!? Keep watching and hoping I guess. Next year will just bring more big name under-achievers I fear - and then what? When will we draft a Chris Johnson or Marion Barber? We're paying for the draft picks that have been traded away over the last few years big time.
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Old 03.10.2009, 08:23 PM
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I was on vacation last week and missed the debacle. The mood here in DC is:

a) The season is over.
b) Is Zorn fired immediatley if he loses to the bucs:
c) Is Zorn fired at the bye week or the end of the season.
d) Dan and Vinnie must go!
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