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Smile Texans @ Raiders in Mexico City

Now I am back home from the Gridiron tour I thought some of you may be interested in my visit to the IS game in Mexico and what you missed out on
Getting into the stadium was a nightmare despite getting there one hour before the start,firstly you had to get through the security cordon and have your ticket bar scanned,then on entry to the stadium it was bar scanned again then you had to to find your Ramp number in near pitch dark and mine turned out to be about a 100 yards away with an incredibly long queue as they were only 2 small gates with all tickets being bar scanned again and then you had to walk up 3 ramps inside to get to Level 3 which took 30 minutes of queueing and I just made the national anthems
My seat was in Row 3 and the whole of the Upper Level was fenced with Barbed Wire on top-not the best of views !!!
The only thing I did enjoy was the game and the electric atmosphere inside.
There was no official game programme on sale but a free hand out souvenir was given just before entry.
Refreshments were reasonably priced with beer 110 pesos a pint (around £4)
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me

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