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Old 11.02.2018, 04:44 PM
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On the above, there are so many hotels in London within easy travel of Wembley. I've noticed from other threads that The Puma is all about the car and doesn't seem to like public transport. Which isn't a problem as there are plenty of hotels in the Wembley area these days (less fancy than the Hilton too for more modest budgets). But if you're willing to get on the tube and travel to Wembley from central or elsewhere in London then obviously that gives you way more options for hotels and budgets.

If I'm travelling for sports I only book hotel rooms that I can cancel penalty free upto 24/48 hours before just in case the date/time gets moved or plans change.

I know one thing... I'd be much more relaxed about needing to get a room in London than I am when I go to most US cities for NFL. Hotels that aren't out of town motels are really expensive in the US and Pittsburgh and a lot of other NFL cities have pretty limited downtown hotels and they fill up very quickly. And the US is not a country with good public transport, with a very limited number of exceptions.
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