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Default Fantasy mobile apps

Hi guys,
I've just been asked to set up a fantasy league at very short notice. I know, I know, talk about the short straw!

With it being so close to the start of the season, I was thinking it would be wise if I was to have the start of the season at week 2, so it gives us a bit more time to set things up and draft our players. However, after an initial chat, there's no time at all that we can perform a live draft, it'll have to be offline. My next thought was to use one of the mobile apps as that will probably (I haven't used them so I don't know) have push notifications to tell you it's your turn to draft.

So, are the apps any good? Which would be best at handling all of this? As commish, I'd probably set it all up on mu laptop, so that isn't an issue as such, just the drafting, and day-to-day team management including trades for everyone.

Any comments will be extremely helpful and I appreciate any input.

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