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Old 19.09.2009, 11:59 AM
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Default Pro Football Focus Take on the Jets

As PFF produces Jets related content I'll post it here for you Jets fans to enjoy. Feel free to post the link elsewhere and if anyone knows a good messageboard where I can contribute to discussion and promote the site, please let me know.

Week 1
Game Review

Player Participation

Offensive Review

Defensive Review
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Old 23.09.2009, 06:23 PM
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Finally finished watching the game in full.My thoughts:

The biggest ranking that I disagree with is D'Brick,there were several run plays that he caused to fail.And I can't remember enough good blocks to grade himas 1.8 for run blocking.

Faneca had a few hicups but had a really good game imo.We ask him to do a lot of difficult things,he is our main pulling linemen,which aren't easy blocks.He made some key blocks on our big plays.

Mangold had a few mistakes in the run game but was solid for the second half of the game.

Woody looked really lazy when run blocking,didn't drive his feet.Pass blocked well,I agree with the ranking.

I beleive trich had a bad game and should of had a poor grading.He made poor reads on who to block and got stonewalled a few times.

I agree that Dustin Keller sucks at blocking.We made him do a few crazy things,there is one play where he has to run accross the line of scrimmage to block the back side,however this is meant to be a counter play from the looks of it but both times we tried it it was stopped in the backfield.

Harestock looks like a decent run blocker.

I feel Thomas Jones' grade is harsh.A lot of the time there wasn't much room to run.Granted he didn't really do anything special either.

I thought David Harris looked a bit shakey in pass coverage.Surprised he didn't have a negative grade.

Penalties are graded a bit harshly I feel,Because of the two on Sanchez he gets a negative grade.Where as I feel his play on 3rd down was one of the big reasons we won this game.That all seems to get cancelled out because of two plays.
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