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Old 01.05.2016, 11:32 AM
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Default UK fan wanting Washington Home Game Tickets

How easy is it to get Game Day tickets for a Skins game?
I am looking for tickets for the 13th November home game against the Vikings.
Any help or advice would be amazing!
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Old 04.05.2016, 11:17 AM
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There are loads available - try here -

Prices starting $42 - Etickets- I've never had an issue, used this site for years for Bears home & away games
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Old 05.05.2016, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by pudneymat View Post
How easy is it to get Game Day tickets for a Skins game?
I am looking for tickets for the 13th November home game against the Vikings.
Any help or advice would be amazing!
Getting tickets for any NFL game in the USA is very easy indeed. The only catch is the price you have to pay. Tickets in America can be freely and easily sold on. Many stadiums are 100% season ticket holders or near enough, and everyone else needs to borrow or buy a single ticket from a season ticket holder. Most tickets are e-tickets now so you can comfortably buy tickets online through various ticket platforms and get your tickets emailed to you within minutes of purchase for printing at home (the platform gives you a different barcode and cancels the seller's barcode so there's no danger of them printing out and using the same ticket they sold you).

The price you pay varies wildly depending on how much demand there is for tickets - how committed is the home team fanbase, how well is the team doing that year, what day of the week is the game (Mondays and Thursdays are often but not always cheaper), how much of a big game is this one, how many away fans are trying to get in (expect to pay more when the Steelers or Packers are in town as their fans travel a lot). My guess is the Vikings game won't be the most expensive since it's not a division rival, Super Bowl champion or a team whose fans are known to invade other stadiums en masse. I'd think the Steelers, Cowboys, Giants and Eagles would be the games with most ticket interest.

Seatgeek is a great website to start with. It's like a Moneysupermarket for ticket seller websites - you can see which platforms have which seats for sale, the price, what block and row the seats are in and you get a view from that area of the stadium. I had trouble actually buying from them in the past as they didn't seem to like foreign credit cards/billing addresses, but no problem: once you see which ticket agent has the tickets you want, go direct to their website to actually buy. There are plenty of sellers other than the official NFL Ticket Exchange, which in my experience is always the most expensive place to go. I used Ticket City and another one last time - all worked fine at the games and you get peace of mind knowing your tickets are in hand before you fly over to the USA.

I'll be going to the Steelers at Redskins season opener this year followed by Bengals at Steelers in week 2 and we'll be getting our tickets by starting out with Seat Geek.
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