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Old 04.05.2015, 05:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruce70 View Post
There's a video on YouTube of last year's Draft. Given the slating that Farmer and Pettine have got for taking Gilbert and Manziel, I was shocked to be reminded that Gilbert was the top ranked CB and Manziel was ranked #10 overall. These rankings were done in a time that these players were picked and so were done by analysts before they had the benefit of hindsight.
You can argue that either getting the #10 player at pick 22 was a steal or that it should have rung alarm bells but it does show that it is a lot easier to work in the media than in the Front Office.
One of the main reasons why I absolutely hated the Manziel pick was that the outstanding draft-eligible QB of the 2013 college season, Teddy Bridgewater, was available. The issues with Gilbert (work ethic) and Manziel (pretty much everything) are the kind of things that should have come to light during the (four-month!) interview and research period.

No doubt other teams were better prepared for that draft than Farmer was, and things probably weren't helped by Haslam's evident enthusiam for Manziel. That really shouldn't have swayed any half-decent GM, but perhaps it did in this case!?
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Old 05.05.2015, 11:10 AM
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Really happy with this years draft - got some good solid players on the face of it. Was unsure about the Duke Johnson pick at first (I'll admit I didn't know anything about him), but having now seen footage & all the talk about him I think he could provide us with a real spark in the backfield. Makes me wonder if Terrance West will be getting nervous though....

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