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Default Chip Kelly feature - Guardian sport

Hey everyone,

The Guardian have just launched a feature article on the very special ways of Chip Kelly. Everything covered from his high school days, college, early coaching and NFL techniques.

Please have a read and share:


Max W
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Old 31.08.2015, 07:52 PM
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Thanks for that link. Great article. Informative & reassuring.
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the mans a football genius, just don't think hes very good in social situations ha
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Couldn't think of a better place to put this but I loved Chip Trolling the media

Chip Q: What is your theory behind the tempo attack and how best it should work?

Chip Kelly: We are just trying to get the game over quicker.

Q: But, anything football-wise?
You know, other than getting the game over quicker.

Chip Kelly: That's it. It's all for the fans.
We just want the game to get over quicker.
People shouldn't be paying a lot of money to watch guys stand around.

Q: No football reasons, though?

Chip Kelly: Not really.
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