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Old 04.02.2018, 09:57 AM
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Default NFLUK 2018 7 round Mock Draft Extravaganza Chat Thread

The Commisioner welcomes you to the signup thread for the 2018 NFLUK 7 round mock draft.

This thread is a sign up for take part. The small number who unofficially signed up in the Mock Draft thread have already been signed up unless they express otherwise.

So for those who are unaware, this is the annual draft extravaganza on this forum, a 7 round, trade inclusive mock as a proper start to draft season. A chance for joy and hope before the Patriots evil empire stamp it out of us by October.


Some dates for you:
Morning of 25th Feb – A selection thread will posted for those signed up to pick a team on a first come first served basis

7pm Wed 21st March – The start of the draft, this is 1 week after free agency so should get the major moves out the way, it also means time is a bit tighter than usual, so if we get a flying start on draft night that would be great....


- Have fun, this is a chance to debate football not turn this site into most forms of social media where everyone jumps on each other and insults other within seconds of saying anything...

- Only sign up if you will make a bit of an effort to join in. You need to pay a bit of attention, double digit numbers of picks easily happen in 1 day, and we will need to average about 10 a day to finish in time comfortably. So even if you are a number of picks away you need to be aware, slowing it down is not fun, especially in the evening you can get really quick runs on picks. If people consistently take the full time window to pick I will cut it down.

- Forum drafts work a lot better if you join in when you can, just picking and not joining in is ok, but its a lot better if you do. This isn't like some social media outlets with armies of idiots waiting to insult you, even if people disagree with your picks, we are all grown up and should be able to discuss them

- The clock will run from 06:00 to 00:00 each day, picks will be allowable in the 6 hours in between, but no clocks rule apply, so time on the clock will not progress.

- 6 hours per pick MAXIMUM (this will be reviewed round by round to judge pace, so be aware I may cut it to 4 hours if needed to finish in time). This time is a MAXIMUM and you are encouraged to keep a decent pace

- Trades are allowed, indeed encouraged but only for this year's picks, no future picks or players.

- Trades will be only be allowed in the first 2 hours of your pick window, and by allowed I mean it has to formally announced. This is a new rule and one designed to stop legitimate, but tedious long blocks of time waiting for trades. The new team then has 1 hour to pick.Trades are great, dragging out picks in the hope of trades are not.

- If you are going to miss a pick, or possibly miss a pick let someone know, I will try and be around a reasonable amount, but don't rely on it. Send a PM to one of the regulars (and if anyone wants to volunteer to help that would be great). This isn't a real draft, there is no need to be suspicious of telling people picks or options. If you don't tell someone, and you miss a pick, depending on the quality of excuse I may enforce a time cut for future picks

- After a pick you must send a PM to the next poster, or if you fall foul of forum issues you must post in the discussion thread so someone else can, life if a lot easier if we help each other

- Missed picks will be now done by way of a 20 minute vote off in the discussion thread. Player will most votes after 20 minutes, whether that's 1 vote or 20 is selected, and would someone involved in said vote post it in the Picks thread and send a PM to the next GM

- Please do not discuss the value of unpicked players in the discussion thread it spoils it. The Mock Draft thread is still rolling for normal draft chatter.


So to help those who don't spend hours absorbing the draft here a few useful resources to get started:
This is far from a comprehensive set but as a starter......

CBS rankings - rankings -

Twitter / Journos : In no particular order, the ones I like (if not always agree with): Trevor Sikkema, Inside the Pylon, Draft Wire, Jon Ledyard, Lance Zierlien, Matt Miller, Mel Kiper Jr, Todd McShay, Daniel Jeremiah

Podcasts : Locked on NFL Draft, First Draft, Stick to Football

Trade Charts : Use and value as you please, personally I take them with a pinch of salt

For various reasons I tend to pay less attention to: Walterfootball, Bucky Brooks, Neil Reynolds, Move the Sticks podcast but you may find stuff of interest......

I would just add, there is really really good content out there. In particular in the last few years there has been a big growth in specific team centred content, local journos and team specific sites have great info on team specific fits / players / schemes. Just because its not a mainstream media outlet, doesn't not mean its not excellent content.

1. BuffaloG
2. Wayne Ellis
3. Martz
4. Latic
5. Lonestar1963
6. Ollyrules
7. MaguireMick
8. AddyF87
9. Manic_Matt
10. Chris Caulfield
11. Iffies
12. Cautious Paul
13. Redcar_steeler
14. Crash11
15. Mikeygnfl
16. Goodkarma84
17. Lester Hayes
18. Rjdbengal
19. Xtianuk II
20. Dolphin_Akie
21. Phisch_2
22. Djhdjh
23. RichardCunliffe
24. Parrott1971
26. JamesGall13
27. Markdimmock812
28. UkDetroitThreeLions
29. Gritt 23
30. Kw13

1. Tractor Boys Reborn

So I hope that just about covers everything, but any questions just ask....

I'm pondering seperately to do a final week, maybe even draft evening, before the draft,a 1 or 2 round mock draft, speed style, if anyone is interested in joining me, send me a PM. Happy to do it back and forth between a small group of us.

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Old 04.02.2018, 10:09 AM
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Count me in.
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Old 04.02.2018, 10:30 AM
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Good stuff.
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Old 04.02.2018, 12:50 PM
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Me too please G.
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Old 04.02.2018, 01:04 PM
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I'm in........
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Old 04.02.2018, 02:36 PM
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I'm up for it again.
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Old 04.02.2018, 03:15 PM
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I'm already signed up I see, thanks.

As per a smaller draft, I would like to join, but it depends on the date and time as my working hours are all over the place.
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Old 04.02.2018, 05:50 PM
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Half of GMs agreed within a day, that's a good start
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Old 04.02.2018, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by BuffaloG View Post
Half of GMs agreed within a day, that's a good start
Might get a few more tonight, as we get closer to game time. Not a bad start either way though...
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Old 04.02.2018, 06:07 PM
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Is "Titan" still on here? cos whoever gets the Titans he will be jumping up at the pick lol
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