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Old 23.01.2014, 04:31 PM
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1987.. I was just 7 and remember changing channels in the afternoon ( im from mexico originally by the way) and there it was Denver vs Cleveland with Cleveland about to score . and then Ernest byner fumbles Denver recovers , that rush of adrenaline even if i didn't really know what was happening but the broncos won and to the superbowl .. that was it for me bronco for ever. also my first fight ever was with a niner fan kid that was making fun of me from the superbowl in 1989, before i was getting to girls I remember my hart broken in 1992 for the bills in the conference final .
Too be honest been a broncos fan is never easy you suffer a lot for a few moments of happiness..but those moments are absolutely worth ...go BRONCOS
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Old 13.05.2014, 02:34 PM
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Had family living out there since the late 90's so nearly all my childhood holidays were out to Denver. Started following them in the Jake Plummer / Jay Cutler days.
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