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Old 08.01.2016, 12:44 AM
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Default Why the Ravens?

What's everyone's reason for supporting the Ravens?
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Old 08.01.2016, 01:19 AM
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They were a new team when I started liking the NFL so I picked them to get in on the ground level
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Old 08.01.2016, 06:43 PM
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My one and only trip abroad as a child was to a small town called Frederick, somewhere between Baltimore & Washington in 1997 and so once I got into the NFL in 2002 I choose the Ravens for that reason
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Old 09.01.2016, 12:12 AM
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A myriad of reasons really.

1. Cool uniforms. Absolutely love the purple & black combination.
2. Cool logo.
3. I like teams who run the ball and play hard hitting, stingy Defense. The Ravens were renowned for this.
4. Ray Lewis.
5. Ed Reed.
6. John Harbaugh.
7. I hate the Steelers. Supporting their biggest rival felt like a good fit.
8. Nice stadium.
9. Loud fans.
10. During New England's almost perfect season they played the Ravens in Baltimore. Despite being outmatched talent wise, the Ravens pushed the Patriots all the way to the end. I also remember the atmosphere at that game being incredible. I came away from that game having a soft spot for the Ravens. That soft spot eventually blossomed into full on fandom.
11. I like that we are the unloved underdog. We rarely get any credit or love in the media or from fans of other teams. We will always be overlooked in favour of those 'lovable' Steelers. Yet we are one of the teams that can beat anyone, anywhere, anytime. Over the last few years we have been the one team in the AFC the Patriots actually feared playing in the post season, even on their own field. I like that. The way we beat Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and the media darling 49ers to win the Superbowl in 2012 was very Ravens and super sweet.
12. I like Ravens, real Ravens. I find the human perception of them and their place in mythology to be interesting.

For a while I didn't have any team to follow and was just watching the sport as a neutral. I didn't enjoy that. I need a team to attach myself to. It took me a while to find the Ravens but once I did it just felt right. They just fit me and my personality on numerous levels. Although I was a Ravens fan before this game, the game that really sealed the deal for me was the play-off win in Denver. I was actually shaking with adrenalin watching that game. I had never experienced that before while watching an NFL game. That's when I knew it was for real.

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Old 09.03.2016, 11:45 AM
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I'd drifted away from the game and came back the same year the ravens formed, the team I'd originally followed wasn't the same anymore and over the course of the season found myself supporting the ravens and it's continued ever since.
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