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Old 03.01.2016, 11:43 PM
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Default New Raven #RavensNation

Hello Fellow Ravens,

So I've been following the NFL for a few years now, first game I watched believe it or not was the 2013 Super Bowl, but I have never been able to choose a team and stick with one. Having watched a lot of football this year and playing on madden (a lot) I have chosen the Ravens.

I have read the thread about different supporters going over to Baltimore and have seen the great sense of community all Ravens fans have on here, none of the other teams have that and I want to be part of Ravens Nation.

I'm 21 and from the North West (Liverpool/Wirral) and wondered if there was any other Ravens up here? I am looking for any information I may not know about the Ravens to help me look forward to the draft & next season. Any advice on how to better follow us from the UK? Where to get the best merchandise from & Any other general information about us! Any UK fan clubs i could join?

I am sort about such a long thread and thanks for taking the time to read it & reply. Onwards & upwards for next season.

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Old 05.01.2016, 03:32 AM
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Firstly, welcome aboard. It'll probably be quiet around here until the draft but there are plenty of other communities you could get involved in as well. There's a forum on the Ravens website. I don't use it that often but you'll probably get more interaction over there. I personally like the Ravens page on Reddit but obviously Reddit isn't for everyone.

In terms of following the Ravens better I'd definitely recommend getting NFL Gamepass next season if you can afford it. If you're on twitter I'd advise following the local writers with Jeff Zrebiec being the main guy you should follow. Ravens website, Baltimore Sun and ESPN are the main places I go for news.

For merch you could buy straight off of the Ravens website but customs are a pain. I bought my last jersey at and thought it was a great service. Lots of people on here buy off of Football Fanatics as well.

By the way are you playing on Madden 16? Perriman's been an absolute monster for me on 16.

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Old 05.01.2016, 12:55 PM
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Hi and welcome!

The best advice I'd give would be to visit the Russell Street Report online forums as they are great for Ravens discussion and the website itself has regular articles. Regarding UK Ravens, there's a very active UK Ravens Facebook group that you would be made very welcome on.
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Old 06.01.2016, 08:25 PM
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Welcome to the club

We're a rather small bunch in the UK I feel, unlike some of the more popular teams
I use to live near Liverpool, and being an Evertonian I've been many times but I live further North now and barely get chance to get to games!

The others above have already mentioned everything I know!
I got a friend who was going to the states to pick me up a jersey (#52 Lewis of course!), so I've never used any sites, but that was like 10 years ago now so guess I should purchase a new one! Think I'd go with Mosley now

We do run a fantasy league for UK Ravens fans so keep an eye out on here in August for that
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Old 09.03.2016, 11:51 AM
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Welcome to the nation, the posts above cover everything I can think of. I'm from west Devon as king chong said there's a good fantasy league in August, where I generally finish last.
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