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Old 19.02.2015, 12:14 PM
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Default Travelling to Atlanta in October - Advise Please

Hello fellow Falcons fans.....

Anybody who has seen the Falcons play in the Georgia Dome, and in particular fans from the UK, I would love to hear any advice about getting there, and your experiences.

The main points I want to find more about are:

1. Flights
2. Tickets
3. Hotels

Tickets, and hotels, I think I can sort between now and the season start. But a quick search on the web, and it seams that flying direct from any London airport is going to cost about £800 each! Are cheaper flights available?

I've got a big milestone birthday coming at the end of October (50th), and my misses asked me the other day what I want to do? "Fly to Atlanta, and watch the Falcons in the Georgia Dome" I said...Anyway long story short, she agreed, provided we can go to New-York before we return to the UK.

So now I got some planning to do. 2 tickets, 3 flights, and 2 hotels. It's a long way off, and I've got to wait until the season schedule is published, but it would be good to make a start.

Any help would be much appreciated..

(Falcons fan since 1992)
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Old 20.02.2015, 05:01 PM
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I managed a LHR-EWR-ATL-TPA-DCA-LHR for about 950.

Best bet would be a multi-city and you'd probably get long haul and domestic for 700 Max. I use Virgin and Delta.

Maybe it'll be 2nd year in a row we have giants away and follow up the next weekend at home.

In terms of tickets I got myself a single ticket off stub hub for 50 less than face value (before the season had even got under way) lower sideline. They bumped single game ticket prices in 2014 so be prepared to wait it out for a better deal.

Hotel-wise I've stayed at OMNI next to Phillips Arena/Georgia Dome, Westin and Sheraton. All 3 are more than adequate. You could stay at Buckhead but if you're only there for the weekend you might as well stay nearer the stadium.

Bear in mind the schedule for 2015 has us playing road games in some cool places such as Nashville if the schedule doesn't work out for you in terms of a home game then a road game is still a good shout.

Hopefully we'll have back to back road games in September or between the IS games as this season will be great for trips with road games within a drivable distance.
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Old 22.02.2015, 06:10 PM
richard_h_p richard_h_p is offline
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Exactly the info I was after, thanks for your help!
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Old 26.05.2015, 09:44 AM
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Hi there,

I travelled to Atlanta with my son in November 2013, we used the app to get a stunning offer on a hotel in Buckhead. A very nice area with some great bars & restaurants and if the good lady likes shopping then the malls in Buckhead are awesome.

The MARTA tram system is unbelievable convenient and will transfer you between Buckhead & downtown for a few dollars. The stop was yards from our hotel and stopped at Dome and Phillips centre, where the Hawks play.

Other things to do in October, look out for the NBA schedule, the Hawks arena is a few hundred yards from the Georgia Dome. We also timed it so we could go to see the Georgia Bulldogs play (car needed). Coca-Cola world is fun, Sea World is awesome and CNN centre is interesting. I think the College Football Hall of Fame has recently opened too!!

I hope you have fun.
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Old 26.05.2015, 01:03 PM
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I'd also consider doing it Lon-NY-Atl-NY-Lon i.e. fly to NY for a few days, internal flights to Atlanta and back to NY then fly back from NY after a couple more days there.

Return tickets to NY are frequently on sale and a return to NY could cost less than a single way trip to Atlanta. Atlanta is a major hub so you'll have no problems getting there from NY.

Picking a random time in October BA/AA can get you from London to NY and back for £400-£450 each and several US carriers can get you from NY to Atl and back for under £200 each.

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Old 07.06.2015, 03:37 PM
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You've probably booked now but my advice would be to try to bundle as many flights and hotels together into one package as you can. Airlines can get you hefty discounts on hotels if you're flying with them, and booking the internal flights on the same ticket as your international flight can often reduce the cost as well. Often going to a bespoke provider like Flight Centre can get you a better deal on a multi-stop itinerary than just booking everything yourself via Expedia.

I'm going to the U.S. in September and we bundled everything together to get better value.
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Old 08.06.2015, 04:00 PM
richard_h_p richard_h_p is offline
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Hello everyone, and thank you for sharing your tips, and advice.

Here's an update, which might be of interest for anybody planning a similar trip.

So the season schedule was posted in April, but tickets didn't become available until mid-May. Subscribe on the offical Falcons website, and you will get a slight head start for buying single game tickets.

I targeted the game against the Bucs on November 1st, and sat at my PC 11pm one evening when they went on sale. Got two good seats about half way up, and almost at mid-field. Total price for two tickets was about £135, which is about the same as I spent on the Wembley game, but for a much better view. No need to worry about receiving tickets in the post. Ticketmaster-USA use print-your-our-tickets system, so I already have them.

Next step start searching for flights. My misses was very persistant in finding a good deal. We want a round trip LHR-ATL-NYC-LHR. When I started searching, a single trip direct London to Atlanta was starting from £800 for one ticket! In the end we got all six direct flights for just over £1K. Go to and press the multi-stop tab, you'll be amazed how good the deals are.

For hotels, we haven't found one for NYC yet, but we booked a room in the Hilton-Atlanta from 30th Oct. From what I can tell it's a very short cab ride or about 20mins walk to the Georgia Dome from there

Anyway, from a plan which I wasn't sure would happen, so far it's been easier that I thought it would be, and a lot cheaper than I expected. Counting down the days now!

If anybody has any more advice, and anything to add, please do so.

Cheers, Richard
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