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Old 13.03.2015, 12:35 AM
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Default Panthers offseason - free agency and the draft

It has been quiet on the panthers section over the past nfl season so I thought I would start a new thread. What are everyone’s thoughts on the offseason and the draft? Where would you like us to improve? Obvious positions come to mind are tackle, wide receiver, safety, defensive end, cornerback depth and some players to improve our special teams.

So far I like the moves Gettleman has made, I’m glad we have re-signed Colin Cole, Dwan Edwards, and Ed Dickson and really pleased we have extended Greg Olsen’s contract. Also happy with the signing of Ted Ginn, he will give us some much needed speed at the receiver position to take the top off of a defence and will help our special teams immensely.

I’m satisfied with Michael Oher joining us as there weren’t many realistic options for us to go and get in free agency and I guess he’s an upgrade over Byron Bell. Hopefully he will be better than last year seeing as we have John Matsko as our offensive line coach and he coached Oher at Baltimore.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else we do in free agency and to see what positions we address. I’m not going to panic at all if we don’t sign a certain player or if we haven’t signed someone within a certain time period. I firmly believe in Gettleman’s strategy of waiting for the free agency frenzy to die down, find the market value of a player and not overspend and give out ridiculous contracts. (Some I’ve already seen this week are a joke.) I’m fine with signing ‘mid-tier’ guys to ‘cheap’ 1-2 year deals to allow us to build through the draft and take bpa. I would much rather keep our cap space to extend players who we’ve drafted – cam, Luke, star, kk, josh Norman etc. then use our cap space to make a big splash in free agency.

On to the draft and I hope we address our major needs in the first couple of rounds. Any combination of OT, WR, S and DE and I’ll be pleased – Not a massive college guy but I know a few possible targets for early on in the draft. Possible players in round one could be Ereck Flowers, DJ Humphries, Jaelen Strong and Landon Collins. Although I would not be surprised if we go DL in round one as Dave loves his pass rushers so possibly Owamagbe Odighizuwa. Even though I’ve stated possible players and positions I would like us to upgrade early on in the draft I trust Gettleman on who we will pick – even more so after last year’s class.

Anyway I’ll wrap it up now (wasn’t expecting to post this much )
Keep Pounding

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Old 15.03.2015, 09:38 AM
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Honestly think they should give Hardy another chance, he could be the difference in a good team and a great team, other than that cam needs some more protection and some more weapons, would personally like to see Hakeem nicks in FA then protect can with the draft picks, I think they've definitely upgraded special teams so should be ok there
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Old 19.03.2015, 07:06 PM
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Kinda gutted that Hardy wasn't given another chance even though I guess deep down I knew it was never going to happen.
They defiantly need to address the WR and Cams lack of protection situations in the draft but I think Gettleman has proven now that we need to trust the players he goes for regardless of positions. I was glad to see we resigned Ginn jr, he will bring some much needed speed to the team. But for me the best thing about the free agency has been giving Olsen what he truly deserves.
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Old 08.04.2015, 03:42 PM
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Hardy was a owner decision, Jerry already came out and suggested as much. One thing you have to accept as a Panthers fan is that we do not go anywhere near anyone controversial or that has character issues. As soon as Hardy got in trouble with the law, he was never going to come back. I agree he's a talent, but he's going to have to go be a time bomb for someone else.

Michael Oher is a nice depth option, but if he's pushed to start 16 games he'll struggle as much as Bell did last season. He's been rated very low by Pro Football Focus the last year or 2, but at worst both he and Martin give us options, a bit of experience, and the possibility that we don't absolutely have to go OT in the 1st round of the draft (though we probably will).

I like how we are continuing to add well thought out pieces, dropping players who haven't worked out, and continuing to work out of the cap problems we are in. The long game we are playing appears on course, and hopefully this upcoming draft will add to that further.
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Old 09.04.2015, 11:49 AM
Gartoman18 Gartoman18 is offline
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Defo need to get can newton signed up sooner rather than later though!!
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Old 11.03.2016, 11:59 AM
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Sorry for jumping in on this thread, but just making Panthers fans aware that we run a 7 round mock draft on here each year. A bit of fun and a good way to learn more about the players in the draft too. It takes about a month from start to finish usually.

Carolina are still available, so if any Panthers fans want to give it a go the sign up thread is below:

Have a read of how it works, and if you are interested just pop a post into the thread, same goes for if you have any questions.

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Old 19.05.2016, 12:08 PM
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I'm writing an off-season review for every team and my Panthers review got posted today. Feel free to check it out as I recap their free agency spending and their draft before giving a final review and grade.
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