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Old 07.09.2012, 04:27 PM
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The CPU is pretty dumb overall. They frequently throw screens or towards patterns well short of the 1st down line on 3rd down. They can't seem to run at all unless you tweak the sliders monumentally in their favour so the standard difficulties (including All-Madden) are broken.

I play on a customized difficulty as the Bears and I'm not sure if it's just my good Defense but the offense rarely get above 150 pass yards and 25 rush yards per game.

I hate the menus. I miss the simplicity of 2004-2007 where the menu shifted INSTANTLY when you pressed R1 not a half a second delay that has become the norm for the current gen days. The Connected Careers hasn't got a patch on Franchise and the menus again are annoying to navigate in comparison to previous years. I never log into EA from the start menu otherwise the game takes about 2 mins extra to load up to the top menu.

Having said all of that I still find myself going back because it's NFL and I've been doing so for years. I don't actually play online as Franchise has been more than enough for me since 2004, but they've made an absolutely shambolic effort at rejuvenating it this year by turning it into an RPG of sorts. Although Twitter is a nice touch but could've done with more personalities. I miss the 2005 edition where Tony Bruno did radio hosting and there were newspaper headlines from week to week.

Oh, and I also hate the original bland music, Madden over the years has introduced many new/comeback bands onto the scene and I feel they've lost something by neglecting it. They should at least allow custom soundtracks.

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