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Old 12.01.2017, 02:23 PM
Mrscookiejar Mrscookiejar is offline
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Personally, I think the BBC shows with Chapman, Bell and Osi are excellent. In particular, I think they've done a great job of ensuring that newcomers will be able to enjoy and appreciate the sport, whilst also offering more advanced insight for longer-term fans. I've especially enjoyed the studio 'demonstrations' relating to tackling, catching, ball handling, positioning, etc. If the figures quoted in the Gridiron article (see my post in the TV ratings thread) are correct, then I think the BBC deserves a lot of credit. I intend to contact them and express my appreciation, and would urge others to do likewise, so that we can try and ensure its continuation.
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Old 12.01.2017, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by simsini View Post
I can't agree that it is a great highlights show, as they don't show many highlights. The studio chat is good, but then they round up some games by only showing one or two plays. Pretty poor to be honest.
BBC have two different shows... one is a magazine discussion show - the one with fewer highlights... and one is a highlight show... the balance in my honest opinion is perfect.

One is chocked full of highlights and then the other works alongside with discussions about this highlights, I even like the have broken it into two shows as sometimes I have watch multiple live games and don't want to watch extended highlights and I just want the discussion.

also I would think the discussion show is more appealing to the casual fan.

Either way top marks from me. Best UK based show we have ever had...

obviously people still bring up Channel 4 80s... the rose tinted glasses rarer dim!
Old 21.01.2017, 09:08 PM
Bennis Bennis is offline
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The coverage has been really good, the only thing I would like to see if at all possible would be the highlights be on a Monday night rather then Tuesday as its much harder to avoid the results as the season comes to the end.

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