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Old 17.05.2019, 01:57 PM
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Default NHL's (lack of) PED policy

Is anyone else sickened by the NFL's "PED" policy? Firstly, they make drug cheating sound like someone has been away for a few weeks eating sweets (which is what PEDs sounds like to me).

Secondly, the punishments are ridiculously trivial. Peterson has just been banned for 6 games which equates to 5 weeks. The reigning Super Bowl MVP was banned for 3 weeks at the start of the season. In other sports he would still be less than half way through his ban and wouldn't even have played in the Super Bowl (and arguably his team wouldn't have progressed to the Super Bowl if he was serving a proper ban).

Sports like Athletics and Cycling get a hard time about drugs cheating, but at least they have worked very hard to give proper punishments to those caught e.g. 2 years. 2 to 5 weeks for a ban, in my opinion, is not enough to deter drugs cheating.
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Old 23.05.2019, 01:38 PM
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Given the lack of responses here, does no one else care about the potential drug abuse in the NFL? Chris Long (referring to marijuana) has said they only get tested once a year for drugs, and the players know when it will be. Should the sport be doing more to promote clean athletes? Is steroid abuse a reason so many injuries ok as men who might comfortably be 250 pounds bulk of to 200+ pounds and their bodies can't take it?
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Old 23.05.2019, 01:53 PM
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I haven't got much of an opinion on it because it's not a subject I know too much about. I think that some LB smoking a bit of weed is a bit different to the same player injecting testosterone or something but I don't know the NFL's exact policy on all of it?

Should Peterson get a longer ban for PED's? Well, if he was in the olympics or something he'd likely get banned for life so I suppose that does make missing a few games look as though the NFL trivialises the issue somewhat. Or at least views it as less serious. As a casual reader of stuff like this I don't really know exactly what he did. It does seem a bit odd though that one or two recreational drug users get indefinite suspensions while out and out drug cheats (if that's what Peterson actually is) get off with much less.

There you are. Happy?
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Old 23.05.2019, 02:55 PM
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If they took it as seriously as some sports you can kiss goodbye to the season in which they introduced thorough testing and comparative suspensions. To be honest the following season would be a train wreck of suspensions too.

I agree that their policy on marijuana is silly. Whilst it might be a drug that the NFL doesn't want associated with their sport, the reality is a large number of athletes use it. It's quite funny though that on one hand the punishment for it can be extreme, yet as others have pointed out the testing is seemingly hit and miss. Makes you wonder how Randy Gregory repeatedly finds himself in hot water over it?! I'm guessing if you're unlucky (stupid) enough to get caught once or twice then you make life a million times harder for yourself.

In the end I think the league knows drug use (performance or otherwise) is an issue, but in a sport where 300lb+ men smash into each other 70+ times a game, 16+ weeks of the year (and that's just in games), it's so ingrained in the culture it's impossible to stamp out.

Ideally, as a fan, I'd sooner watch 'clean' athletes compete but for the most part I don't think about it.

It'd be interesting if you had 2 leagues, one with a 'take whatever you want' approach to drugs, and one with a strict 'no drug' approach. I wonder which, in the long term, would be more popular?
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Old 23.05.2019, 04:30 PM
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Yeah, it’s an interesting one. If a track and field athlete fails a drug test, everyone seems to be in favour of the strictest possible punishment being handed out and that athlete has a big black mark against their name for the rest of their career. In the NFL, the punishments (for first time offenders at least) do seem lenient and people are far more forgiving.

I’m as anti-drugs as it gets, but players should not be suspended for using marijuana for pain relief. That’s just dumb imo. I’d be perfectly fine with longer suspensions for PED use though.
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