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Old 09.07.2018, 08:25 PM
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Who'd a thought the Steelers fan would have Bell slotted lower than anybody else? I chose to base my rankings on who I would want for 2019 only and people will have weighed past/future performance in different ways.

I do have several doubts over Bell for the coming year-

The headliner is the big drops to 4ypc and a touch over 7 per reception.The main reason was the lack of big plays,Bell wasn't able to turn those 15-20 yard plays into 25+ ones although I think I am also correct in saying there were more negative plays as well.

Can't blame the supporting cast.We have one of the better lines in the league featuring multiple pro-bowlers which enjoyed good health.The skill players only strengthened that cast.Can only blame Haley so much.I think Bells most recent season is much more relevant than Gurleys 2016 campaign.

Then we get to the wear and tear.Keep hearing about 400+ touches being a dangerous number for a runner.Did a bit of digging and the 23 backs who exceeded that number since 2000 were collectively 0.5 ypc worse the following year.

Some workhorses like Sanders and Emmmit seemed to have a style where they rarely took a big hit.Although Bell makes people miss he also loves nothing better than to unload at the end of a run.It does seem the more physical backs seem to drop off quicker once they do pass their peak.

Bells career yardage suggest he has plenty left on the clock but he has one of the higher touches per game averages mixed in with a couple of major knee injuries and some intense spells of rehab.

My final point is probably the most debatable one-teams have gotten used to his super patient style.The Ravens for one have had success not over-committing early.

Bell has been a joy to watch from the moment I was lucky enough to attended his debut in London but I have a horrible feeling we have seen his very best days already.
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