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Old 02.09.2013, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by stephenk24 View Post
Emm, excuse me. We are one of the very few programs with 800+ wins... 117 years of excellence my friend.

We don't need to be winning the NT every year to make me proud. Mr Jones, just had a killer recruiting class - I think we will be a force very soon.
Congrats and how many of those 117 years have you seen?

Reminds me of Cleveland fans bragging about their 1964 NFL championship.

To be honest it would be nice to see Tennessee return to at least mediocrity, the more good teams we play the more entertaining the season.
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Old 02.09.2013, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by kw13 View Post
At least they make Gators jerseys, there would be no on to bye scUM jerseys .
Buy* Typical Gator!

You've taken over our crown as "thug U" now anyway, considering your murderer, racist and dog barker are either currently enrolled or only a few years past graduation!
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