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Old 08.02.2018, 11:19 AM
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Default Get your 2018 Draft class QB's on record here.

Here are my thoughts.

Josh Allen - BUST. This to me, is the guy who fits all the prototypes and tools and measurables everyone thinks is important, except the part that matters, wich is he isn't accurate. He didn't demostrate in college that he is progressively getting more accurate. Some old school GM's are going to say "wow, look at this big tall kid with the big arm" and think that equates to being a franchise QB. It's not 1977 anymore. You can't win in the NFL with a sub 60% completion percentage and throw 22 picks with 19 INTS. That's what Allen will be.

Darnold - HIT. Doesn't have the arm that Mahomes has, but I've seen enough film of him to see he does have an understanding of using his eyes and head to move safeties and identify the target downfiled and "throw him open". I do think he will need some seasoning and will look like garbage his first 16 or so games starting in the NFL.

Rosen - MISS. I think the guy has talent, but I put alot into the talk he's not in it for the love of the game, and he is injury prone. Not loving the game and being injury prone means you aren't going all out all the time. He is Jay Cutler. He will alienate too many people but will make some really good plays when he is healthy and trying....I don't see him as a winner. He will frustrate the coaches and fans wherever he ends up...too talented to give up on...too aloof and injured to ever really get you where you need to go.

Mayfield - HIT. Johnny Football with all the swagger and none of the drugs. His leadership and high energy are contagious...he'll get his teamates to enthusiastically join in trying to win. The fans will love him and he'll help sell tickets and jerseys. Also, tottally underated quality about him..he is SEASONED. He's started a ton of games in college...that does matter. Reps help. He has progressed every season...completed 71% of passes two years in a row...low INTs. makes plays. So what he is 6'1. In this class, he is my no.1 guy.

Lamar Jackson - BUST. While he did progress each year, he's still not a very accurate thrower. He doesn't "win" in the pocket. He's a special COLLEGE player...what a gifted athlete!......but that's me...great athlete..I do not see great NFL QB. This is going to be the guy that starts tumbling down the draft board.

My thoughts on some other notables:

Mason Rudolph. - Will be better than Josh Allen. I think you put him behind a good line and give him some deep old school raiders bombs away attack and you have something.

Luke Falk. Career backup. Accurate thrower. Not a strong NFL arm. benefited from system he played in. Best to play on team that emphasizes short passing game.

I have not seen enough film on any others to make any kind of evaluation...I've heard some like the kid from Virginia...I haven't seen him...can't say.
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Old 08.02.2018, 08:22 PM
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I see Allen and Jackson as the most likely busts. Rosen's risky, but he's also the QB I'd most like us to Draft. Would probably prefer Mayfield to Darnold...
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Old 08.02.2018, 08:30 PM
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My thoughts are in the Draft thread
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Old 08.02.2018, 10:38 PM
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I’ve never really watched any college football so can only go on what I’ve read about draft prospect players. In terms of QBs, those with character issues or throwing mechanics issues tend to fall flat on their faces. Where the doubts are more about “not tall enough” or “played for a small college” etc. they seem to overachieve more frequently.
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Old 08.02.2018, 11:29 PM
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If Jackson can put a little more bulk on his frame I think he will be the best QB of this class
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Old 09.02.2018, 08:35 AM
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I've not seen 3 full games of any of them, and in some cases I've seen less than a game. So most, if not all of my views are based on the media.

Mayfield seems to have overcome any concerns about his height and might well be seen as the best QB in the draft by some. His competitive, if at times immature behaviour, seems to have morphed into a positive.

Rosen and Darnold have always been at the top of tree so to speak, prototype size, arm strength, etc. People have praised Rosen's talent level throughout his college career, he's always been tagged as a great pure passer. Obviously the off field character concerns have also always been there. With both of them being in L.A they've often been measured against one another too.

Those 3, in the media at least, seem to be the 'safer bets'.

We've all heard the Josh Allen hype/concerns. It feels like he has a chance to be good if he lands in the right spot/circumstances. Like all these prospects his landing spot could make or break him.

I always worry when a QB is known for making plays with his legs. Obviously Jackson has shown more than just that but it's clearly a part of his game. There is a long list of flash in the pan QB's who fit a similar mould. Will his body hold up? That said, the RPO option is in vogue, and league edges ever closer to a college style of play year on year.

I've not seen too much about Mason Rudolph. He has the size by all accounts, and the arm, but what type of offence is he coming from? Like Luke Falk I dont have much faith if the vast majority of throws are 0-5 yards. If OSU's offence is more 'pro style' in terms of the throws he's asked to make then perhaps he's a wildcard in all this because some of his stats hold up well.

As others have pointed out there are several other QB names on the rise but haven't looked into then yet.

I feel comfortable saying 5 QB's go in the first round.
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Old 09.02.2018, 01:45 PM
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Josh Allen. Could be the best in the class. Hush down all you lemming critics. :-). I love his game winning mentality. A completely different QB to last years best in a generation Watson, but I see the winner in Allen too.
He had a poor start to the year that is true, as did Watson last year. But in both cases they knuckled down and improved as the year went on. Allen even improved on touch throws. Belting it from Northern Wyoming to Southern Colorado without taking a step is no problem. He struggled with screens and leading WRs over a corner. But got better and better.

Rosen - Probably the best on the field, but I hate his attitude. To openly declare he is too cowardly to take on the role of QB in Cleveland, has me worried about what he will do in tough times for whoever drafts him. Buyer beware.

Darnold - Probably the consensus #1 before the season. Didn't have a great year and would certainly benefit with another year in college. If he goes to a team that has an aging vet, and can sit, I like his chances at being a top QB down the road.

Mayfield. Not sure why his projections never seem to reach saying he could be a top 5 prospect. Has a very calm persona when under fire, and can be a bit captain check down at times. But a solid prospect who could well turn out to be a top ten starter in the pros. Then again if he doesn't grow up, could be the best QB in the penitentiary.

Lamar Jackson. - Not a fan. I think more Denard Robinson in the pros than a fit RGIII. Spectacular, and a great college QB, no doubt. Don't like him in the NFL

Mason Rudolph. I'm a big fan. Always chose to watch Ok State when there was a choice. (I also love James Washington their WR). Everything about his game says a good NFL QB to me. I really hope the Cardinals get him, if they don't get the next guy.

Logan Woodside - Why isn't he touted higher? I think, maybe closer to the day, he is a sneaky late day 1 pick. New England could do much worse than picking this kid. Toledo were a tough team to get game footage on UK TV, so I'd watch what I could through You Tube. Love everything about his game. Draft him, and watch the wins in January start to pile up.

Falk, could be an OK back up. May be the Dak type surprise, because when he was good, he was great.

Trace McSorely - Lost in the Saquon Barkley shadow, but again a nice prospect. Not the strongest arm by any means, but has elusiveness that is probably only bettered by Mayfield (and Jackson).

Kyle Lauletta - Seems to be gaining traction in the draft analysis. Had a good senior bowl. Beyond that, I've still got loads of work to do in trying to form a solid opinion on him.
Also need to see more of Mike White.

Think that like Jackson, JT Barrett could have a career in the NFL at another position. I think maybe he is a TE in the Pro's. Not sure what Jackson could be, other than a type of player like Denard Robinson has become in Jacksonville.
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Old 09.02.2018, 02:38 PM
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RichardCunliffe RichardCunliffe is offline
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Logan Woodside? Will have to look into him, haven't heard him mentioned before.

Is McSorely in this draft? You're not wrong about him being overshadowed by Barkley, I didn't know he'd declared!
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Old 09.02.2018, 02:50 PM
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This class is too dependent on where players land to describe them as busts or successes before the draft. There are only a couple of QBs in this draft for me who dont have a huge variance of outcome based on where they land. Allen could be a great success, but he needs the right circumstances. If he went to the Giants I think his chances of success are far higher than at the Jets for example. He needs to sit and learn behind a veteran, too much pressure and he will crash and burn, whereas someone like Mayfield is the opposite, his chances are better at the Jets than Giants, where he would have the chance to be a figurehead of the franchise, whereas for the Giants he wouldn't be.
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Old 09.02.2018, 07:22 PM
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Rosen I expect to be a real star. He can make all the throws, particularly the tight ones with either pace or touch, and knows how to pick the right option. Underrated movement as well, just overshadowed by the others in the class on that score. For all the talk about his attitude he seems to me to have the right personality for a franchise Quarterback - strong-willed, competitive, switched-on. Injuries would be much the bigger concern. I thought the comment above about Cutler (a decent comparison if you don't especially rate him) was interesting - if the floor is 150 games and 35,000 yards, it's not a bad place to be.

Darnold might take a bit longer but should get there as well, maybe not at quite such a high level as Rosen. I haven't seen as much of him as the others of the big 5 but similarly seems to have all the throws and more ability to move but not yet as polished as Rosen in picking the right options or throwing consistently into tight spaces.

Mayfield I think wills himself to success (measured as being a franchise QB and having at least occasional play off places). Similar to Rosen, I don't really buy the attitude stuff. That off-field stuff is only a problem if it bleeds into on-field, if you're not doing your study (e.g. Manziel) or not living a disciplined lifestyle (e.g. Manziel). He can throw and he can lead a team and that's what counts. Buffalo's point about being prepared to turn your franchise over to him is important.

Allen would be the number 1 pick and a superstar in waiting if it was 1972 and throwing deep bombs is the primary requirement for a quarterback. Fundamentally you have to be able to put the ball where you want it to go and he just can't do it consistently enough. His accuracy seems to get worse on the shorter throws and he doesn't seem to have much touch, always throwing it as hard as he can. It is also worrying how much worse he seems to play against the better colleges.

Jackson is the one that I really can't decide on. Probably similar to Mayfield, but for reasons of play rather than personality, he needs a team to build around him. What makes him so exciting is that he's pretty high risk in his passing even ignoring his running. I can see him being like a more extreme version of Cam Newton (though they're not quite the same in that Jackson is faster but not as strong or as good a passer) in the sense that when he's on he's unplayable and when he's not he can give the game away in a handful of plays. That might be good enough to have him lead a team but not lead it to consistent play off spots but equally he could flame out of the league quickly if his coaches get frustrated with his mistakes.

Haven't seen much of any of the others, I'm sure at least one of them will come through.

I think they're an exciting class. None of them are really safe players and that's why no one's really seen as a certainty but it should be fun to watch them all play.
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