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Old 29.01.2018, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by pozbaird View Post
I have five NFL jerseys, bought from different sources - the NFL USA shop, the Nike store in New York, a sports shop in Denver, and the Broncos stadium store. I hope the original poster reads what I am about to post next. I have had zero problems with any jersey because....

It never goes near a washing machine. Go to any supermarket and buy a bottle of their handwash liquid. Run the bath with lukewarm water. Turn your jersey inside-out. Place in the foamy bathwater and gently slosh around for a minute or so. Leave the room.

Come back half an hour or so later. Drain the water away. Run the cold tap and gently rinse your jersey. Place a clothes horse or similar in bath. Do not wring your jersey. Simply lift the wet jersey and place it across the drying rack / clothes horse thingy and distribute the weight. Allow jersey to drip the majority of water away. It won’t take long, it’s polyester.

When jersey is almost dry, or at least the weight of the water has dripped away, place a thick clothes hanger in the neck and hang the jersey back on the rack. Once fully dry, shouldn’t need ironed, but if you need to, do it with the jersey still inside-out.

You don’t even need to buy handwash. Go to any of these ‘Poundland’ or ‘Bargain Buys’ stores and buy a bottle of Stardrops - bloody brilliant stuff and great for handwashes.

My oldest jersey is an eight years old Reebok one and has a silicone print. Looks as new as the day I bought it due to it only receiving my handwash routine as outlined above. The numbers and name are as white and uncracked on it as the day I got it.

Here endeth today’s top tip.
Well... Thankyou!!! Fab advice that I will stick to! My Jersey arrived today, I am pleased with it.. A youth large fits great for me..i didn't like the look of the ladies jerseys! It does look very good but I was thinking about the washing aspect of it and the thought of putting it in the washing machine filled me with dread I have to say.. But good quality overall I can't complain and I'd recommend the nfl Europe site to others. I am a huge newbie when it comes to American football but its taken a hold of of me.. So it is good enough for me!! Thankyou again!
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