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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
The Steelers are more than happy to pay James Connor $3.1m over 4 years at the NFL’s most dispensable position. They’re not going to bend over for a player with a questionable attitude who has perhaps already peaked and appears to love money more than football. I’d be sticking a buyer beware label on Bell.


bend over backwards or just give the guy the contract he has earnt or at least not hold him hostage.

questionable attitude, based on?

loves money more than football?
by that you mean he should be a dope and not worry about his future?
he wants to play but with a contract that secures his future, after playing years for free and then on a low end deal, players go through that to get to thise moment and get there deal.

players like Mack and Donald had contracts and didnt show up until they got deals sorted are they in that same group?

who knows if he has peaked because the RB position is an odd one but he would have at least 3 prime years left.
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