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Old 23.04.2010, 03:11 AM
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Default Round 1

Personally I was hoping for some help on defence(like I was in 2009). I like Thomas but can't help but feel we could have got him in round 2.

Hefty price to trade up for Tebow. I feel bad saying anything negative as he seems like such a likeable guy.


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Old 23.04.2010, 03:31 AM
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Well Thomas is interesting. Luckily as an ACC player I know alot about him. He has all the tools and size. However he has played in an option offense. He hasn't really seen a lot of zone defenses and hasn't really had to run too many patterns. I do not exagerate when I say they literally throw the ball to a spot at GT and expected Thomas to pull it in. I think we picked him higher then needed. However if McD thinks his intelligence is there then fair enough. He is a hard worker and certainly a better prospect than Bryant.

Tebow in Round 1?? I think McD has a man crush!! I like Tebow. I love what he stands for, how he works and what he does for teammates. Also he is the perfect face of the franchise. It maybe the only 1st round QB pick that will work out well without him been a productive QB!! McD I am sure thinks he can work well with a raw QB. I like having him at Denver just not in the 1st round. Interestingly enough the Bills and Redskins were also ready to trade up.

We have enough picks and probably will trade around but a DB, MLB, C, G is still needed IMO
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Old 23.04.2010, 09:10 AM
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I was suprised by the moves you guys made.. Who has the ultimate say at Denver? McDaniels?

Don't get me wrong, I think Tebow is a great prospect, and I'd be happy as Larry to have him as a future QB. But then what was that Brady Quinn trade all about? It seemed stupid to me when it was made, and now you guys have got Tebow, it looks even more ludicrous. Quinn'll be unhappy being in essentially the same position he was a the Browns, neither he nor Orton are seemingly long term franchise QBs, and Tebow prolly won't be starting material for a while yet.

There are lots of other quarterbacks looking for jobs. Bulger? Campbell? Perhaps Mcdaniels will trade them into the roster as well, and you'll have enough QBs to form a band?
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Old 23.04.2010, 11:07 AM
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I told myself I was going to support the team that drafted Tebow, but not so sure about this. I think I'm going to see what happens the rest of the draft first.
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Old 23.04.2010, 12:23 PM
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If you consider the net effect of all the draft day trades the end result was as follows:

Denver gave away 1x 1st rounder, 1x 2nd rounder and 1x 4th rounder

Denver got 2 x 1st rounder and 1 x 3rd rounder

the other picks involved were aquired in trading down then traded away again.

We got a WR and QB (regarded as the best athlete in the draft) to go with the running back we took last year.

The QB can develop as Orton and Quinn run the show. Perhaps Orton can play a contract season and walk in free agency next year. Quinn was better value than Simms and provides a good back prospect and the potential to improve.
I see Brandstander sticking around to be the future Number 2 or 3 once Orton (and or Quinn) moves on.

Looking for Guard and centre in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and possibly a goal line power runningback/fullback.

Hope we get to see some Tebow magic at Wembly. The NFL must be over the moon with the PR he will generate when he comes over

How many trades on day 2 will McD make?

McD likes to trade up to get his guys
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Old 23.04.2010, 04:56 PM
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I really respect McDaniels for having the brass monkeys to select Tebow.

I really thought McDaniels was nutts for trading cutler and Marshall, however i have changed my stance on him. I Think its great to see a coach (especialy a rookie head coach) who is willing to shape a team the way he wants no matter other "expert" opinions. McDaniels obviously regards character vey highly and is prepared to develop a player like Tebow who obviously has great heart and commitment.

I hope this one really works out for the Broncos
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