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Old 12.04.2014, 02:22 PM
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Default New D and Watt

From what I have been reading (nothing on UK tv) our new Defensive coach Crenil likes to employ a 2 gap system on the D Line.

How is this going to effect Watt?

We all know Watt likes to push deep into the backfield and get the sacks or the tackle for loss of yards.


With this new system the front 3 will be expected to hold on the D Line effectively blocking up 2 lanes per person. This then should leave free pass rushing lanes for the LB's

Are we seriously going to use Watt like this?

Also what if as people are expecting we draft Clowney at 1:1 ?

Crenil also likes a big ass NT which we don't have at the moment could we draft Nix at 2:1?
Will he drop that far due to his suspect knee's?
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Old 08.05.2014, 07:43 PM
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Looking forward to the draft tonight.
I still wouldn't be surprised if we trade down to no.4.

If Clowney is #1, I guess he will be used as an OLB. Teams wouldn't be able to double team Watt and Clowney.
Watt is such a talented player, I think he could fit in where ever he is told to play.

Would be a great Defence, but where are the points on the board coming from?
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Old 08.05.2014, 11:06 PM
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I think they'll use Clowney as an OLB too if they get him, having him on the field with Watt is going to improve every other position on the defense, which will be good to see, but like you say, we need to score points to win.

As for Crennels system, I'm sure he's smart enough to alter his system slightly to allow the players to play to their strengths, so I'm not to worried about that.

There was rumors going around, which I think have been confirmed, that we have contacted the Patriots about Mallet, which leads me to believe we will either take Clowney with the 1st pick or trade down and take Mack, I'd be happy with both those scenarios, or taking Manziel 1st, that's the 3 players I would want.
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