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Originally Posted by pozbaird View Post
Folks like us, the ones posting on this forum, appear, in the main, to be hooked on the sport already, in many cases for a long time. It doesn't make any of us a better fan than someone who might discover the sport on telly next week for the first time and choose a team for random reasons though. Which is the point I am leading up to. The NFL naturally welcome the support of us 'died in the wool' fans - but on our own, we don't make the IS the success it has become, and if a franchise is the ultimate goal, the fanbase would need to massively expand from 'die hards' alone....

Hence the fan rallies, pre-game bands, party plazas, tailgate areas, games for kids, big foam hands, a high NFL visibility in the nation's capital, and a whole hoo-hah and sense of event built up. I liken it to the efforts made by the Braehead Clan ice hockey team up here in Glasgow - but on a massively bigger scale. I.E.... They absolutely DON'T want to do it 'our traditional way'. They need to be different from 'soccer' and attract families and kids, and indeed anyone, who may also have a soccer team they follow. I certainly have my soccer team, but I don't follow the NFL in anything like the tribal aspect of soccer, where long time rivalries built up over 135 years now, means a sometimes bitter 'relationship' between certain clubs and sets of fans.

Which is why, even if Tinie Tempah or Def Leppard aren't my cup of tea, it really doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter that Trafalgar Square will be the same as every year...A stage, interviews, burger vans, games, beer... For a lot of people, possible new fans or passers by - it might be their first encounter with it. They might think 'wow, this is a big deal' and might check out what American football is all about.

Personally then, I might have a wee jibe that Tinie Tempah is rubbish and I wanted Black Sabbath, but I hope the NFL never go down the route of 'trying to do it our way'. Sometimes, 'our way' makes me puke, and if you really don't like the whole circus sideshow that goes with the IS games, ultimately the ability exists to merely rack up thirty minutes before kick off and ignore it all.

The whole 'hoo hah' exists to reel in new fans, give something to existing fans should they want to experience it, and to expand the NFL brand beyond existing 'die hard' fans. Continuing IS games OR franchise....

I hope they keep doing it 'their way'!
Extremely well put sir.
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