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Originally Posted by Crash11 View Post
I was mock drafting for the Chargers last year and took Jamal Adams (& then Cam Robinson)

Still think it was a better pick and greater need then WR both at the time and in subsequent hindsight.

What was clear to me was how good the Bolts roster is. They hit on a few difference makers I can see SB run in a very average AFC
I agree it probably was a greater need and I don't think anyone saw Tre Boston playing as well as he did - very much like Hayward in that regard.

Agree, it was probably a much bigger need, and definitely is now that Boston hasn't re-signed - How i'd love Adams or Hooker on our roster now!

I still think Williams could be great, his highlight reel catches bailed out Watson who just tossed it up to him at times (similar to how Watson and Hopkins built a quick rapport) - It's the sort of thing Rivers loved with Danario Alexander for a brief spell. As I said back then, Rivers was P**d off with the LA move, I just had a feeling they'd try to give him more weapons especially with Woodhead going who he loved.

Agree we have a strong roster, but we are always our own worst enemy! Still need components in Defence and really hope we go LB/DT/S in the first 3 rounds this year - try to hit them out of the park. With Williams and Lamp coming back they are basically like 2 bonus players as they barely saw the field last year.

Could be a great year as long as we never have to turn to Geno...and find a kicker...
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