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Old 12.02.2010, 01:03 PM
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Default Superbowl experiance

As promised a brief account of my trip to the superbowl.
The trip started at heathrow airport on Friday morning. After checking in i spotted a couple of guys in colts shirts. I went over to them and had a chat and we ended up in a bar and had a couple of drinks. As it turned out they were on the same flight as me. The banter was good and the drinks helped calm my nerves (not the best flyer)
The plane journey was uneventful and 9 and a half hours later we landed at Miami airport where it was 75 degrees. I bid farwell to the colts fans and made my way to the hire car pick up point.
Eventualy found my way to the hotel by 7pm local time.
The hotel would have had a celerbration if it was designated a 1 star yes it was that bad but at $150 a night was by far the cheapest i could find.
After unpacking and killing a couple of roaches tried to have a shower that did not work got changed and headed to the nearest bar.
This was about a mile walk to downtown hollywood and about 300 yards into my journy the heaves opened and i got soaked through.
Got to the bar and rung out my reggie jersey and had a couple of drinks.
Got to bed and tried to sleep by about 11pm.
Because of the excitement and the reverse jet lag i woke up at 06:30 starving hungery and went accross the road to the ihop (international house of pankakes) where i had a monster breakfast and recharged my batteries

more to follow
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Old 12.02.2010, 04:47 PM
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Default part 2

Saturday morning
I was still a little anxcious because i did not have my ticket in my sweaty mitts. I had been given the name of a hotel in Fort Laudedale and a cell number to call. This is where things got interesting. First off my mobile would not work so i spent several hours looking for a mobile i could stick my sim in and make calls when this failed i used a good old fashioned pay phone.
The guy told me he would be there between 11 and 2 so off i set. Thinking that Laurdadale would not be that big a place and when i got near i could ask someone. Panic started to set in when on highway 95 i saw a sign "laurdadale next 7 exits" So after a game of inie minie mo i decided to take the 3rd exit.
Well i am now going down a dual carrige way with no idea where i am going. After asking several people i decided i was totaly lost. I found a superbowl store and filled up on soverniers. Asked the shop owner if he had heard of the hotel which he replied he was from calafornia and did not the area.
As i came out of the shop i saw a guy working on a boat. I asked him if he knew the hotel and again i got a blank look. But he said that he owened a small guest house and if it would help he would go in and have a look at google. I was very happy with this and followed him to the back gate of his establishment. As he opened the gate he informed me that it was a *** guest house and would that be a problem. I replied no.
To my absoloute shock i entered a swiming pool area with about 20 naked guys in a scene from the banned version of YMCA video. In my deepest most mannly voice i said hi guys and followed the propritor into the office.
Once inside i was greeted by a selection of *** **** on the walls and a very small room with no air con.
It took him what felt like a lifetime to find the hotel and sort out how to get there. I must say i have never in all my life wanted to be anywhere but in that place at that time.
On reflection the guy was really helpfull and went well out of his way to help me out.
With a map in hand i set off again to find the hotel.

more to follow
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Old 15.02.2010, 03:34 PM
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The what happened?

Apart from the saints winning the superbowl
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Old 16.02.2010, 01:24 AM
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yeah please continue anything to continue the feelings of glory.
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