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Default New site


We have a new site, and we want to know if you want to join!

What we offer

Ours is an invite only site, which means we get to be choosy about who we let in and also who we keep. This is NOT to say however that we think we're all experts, so don't be put off if you're relatively new to the NFL.

I should say however that if you do subscribe to, industry leading stat site that it is) you'll notice that some of our members are contributors to that site.

We have a small but very dedicated bunch over there and we talk about pretty much anything - often through a live Shoutbox type feature that enables you to chat live with others. Ice Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Baseball and Cycling are all popular sports over ther with the members, but you will also find Cricket, Basketball and other sports are discussed on a regular basis along with a big college football loving contingent.

In addition we have lots of games and competitions, from regular fantasy games in multiple sports to ones we have made up ourselves and which have ran for several years now.

All we want are good respectable people who want to talk sports in a mature adult way (of course banter is actively encouraged, but trolling will get you banned).

If you're interested and want to see what it's all about send me a PM and I'll get back to you. Telling me a bit about yourself would be most useful!

If you do get an invite don't worry if the site seems a bit clicky at first, it's just cos most of us have known each other a while. Jump right in, don't behave like a jerk and you'll fit right in!

Thanks for reading

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