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Today 04:17 AM
Play-off game rosters
still in the hunt ;) (479 views, 20 replies)
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Today 03:48 AM
Potential Super Bowl matchups...
well that just caps off a crappy season, the worst possible SB (given the Cowboys missed the playoffs :p.) watching is going to be like putting pins in my eyes and having to hope the Pats/Refs win... (1,289 views, 38 replies)
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Today 03:00 AM
Patriots vs Eagles - Super Bowl 2018
Congratulations to the Eagles! They fly high against the Vikings and now ready to face the Patriots for the 2018 Super Bowl (LII). The Patriots escaped the Jaguars but the Eagles did a great job... (29 views, 0 replies)
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Today 12:26 AM
It was scary but yeah, we're back to the Super Bowl
Great game for the Jaguars in the first half. Gronk was out. On the second half, Patriots needed to fight for their lives - and they did. Tom Brady was amazing. Patriots were amazing. I don't know... (36 views, 0 replies)
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European Bob
Yesterday 11:47 PM
NFL Gamepass discussion.
I haven't watched SNF games live but the Saturday 9:30pm NBC games, Xmas day game etc I watched did not have the adverts. Shame if that's the case for the SB but at least you get the proper... (1,175,075 views, 11,178 replies)
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Yesterday 11:21 PM
The official Jacksonville Jaguars thread
And there we go. Sore point now, but I'll come around to remembering it was a super year compared to expectations. We had a 3-13 last year and BB as our qb. To make this weekend is so beyond... (301,121 views, 5,786 replies)
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Wiser EFC
Yesterday 10:20 PM
Playoffs. Saints @ Vikings.
And a coach who does this. Remember Sean Payton made the choke sign to a Falcons player earlier this season and the Falcons ended up winning. ... (3,030 views, 95 replies)
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Yesterday 10:03 PM
nfluk Playoffs Competition - Championship Week
Philadelphia Eagles 22-27 Minnesota Vikings (186 views, 15 replies)
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Yesterday 09:00 PM
NFL Challenge game
Hi All, Won my teams league in week 14, no email to advise I have won, have contacted the support team, no response.... I see some have received prizes but just wondered if anyone who won in... (3,134 views, 85 replies)
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Two-minute drill
Yesterday 08:38 PM
NFLUK Weekly Predictions Competition
:o wrong thread (11,360 views, 594 replies)
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Yesterday 08:15 PM
not sure a COS would have veto power over the president ;) once again i will post this clip and look its Trump saying whose at fault for a shutdown... (447,378 views, 14,901 replies)
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Yesterday 07:34 PM
Premier League Thread
Got swayed by a couple of good Euro 2016 performances - lot of people thought it was a strange signing, particularly given Potch's pretty good record at signing players (1,118,762 views, 30,055 replies)
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Yesterday 07:24 PM
All time Cowboy team
In the end we might not be giving Travis Frederick enough credit either. Stepnoski was great, and typifies what a Center was/is to me, but if Smith and Martin are in the discussion then Frederick... (116 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 07:18 PM
Non US tv series
Gomorrah advert just on before the game, all episodes will be available on Jan 31st. (23,633 views, 683 replies)
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wayne ellis
Yesterday 06:53 PM
Final four
The only thing the Patriots haven't done in a Super Bowl during the dark times is blow someone out. They probably do that this year to complete the cycle... (153 views, 9 replies)
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Yesterday 06:24 PM
The Mock Draft thread
Yeah i,ll be in again, i,ll take the Browns, pick a RB first pick then trade for Alex Smith.....:) Seriously, i,d take Smith as my QB over any rookie, even first pick, hes only 31 done it, Browns... (3,229 views, 181 replies)
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Two-minute drill
Yesterday 05:53 PM
Black Monday - You're Fired.
stu right now but yeah he ain't an nfl coach. (21,288 views, 718 replies)
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Yesterday 05:50 PM
The Cricket Thread
Amazing isn't it, we can't win a test match in Australia but we've already won the first 3 ODIs. I really like the balance of this ODI team, plus they have genuine pace in Plunkett and Wood,... (120,583 views, 3,477 replies)
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Yesterday 05:11 PM
AFC Championship on Sky Sports Mix
indeed, so thats why its rarely shown. (232 views, 6 replies)
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Two-minute drill
Yesterday 05:05 PM
What are you listening to right now?
alice in chains -- dirt (full album) what i wouldn't do to have been able to see 'rooster' and 'junkhead' live at an AIC concert ... (197,973 views, 5,694 replies)
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