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Today 08:20 AM
2018 offseason thread - free agency, draft, random arrests etc
https://vignette.wikia.nocoo 2245 (40,539 views, 1,736 replies)
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Today 06:52 AM
NFL to fine team if players don’t stand for anthem
It's a complex subject, but if players want to stay in the locker room for the anthem then so be it. There absence will be highlighted anyway, so their message gets across. I know individual... (55 views, 1 replies)
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Today 06:43 AM
Roll on the first week in September. I fear Mini Camp and Training Camp are just harbingers of bad news. (1,844 views, 16 replies)
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Today 06:34 AM
So an OT who was converted from DT is released, and replaced by a Guard who went undrafted and then couldn't stick on the roster of the 2-14 Giants. If that isn't churning the bottom of the roster... (4,713 views, 64 replies)
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Today 04:20 AM
Rate The Last Movie You Watched...
Atomic Blonde - 6.5/10 looks good with some nice fights scenes but the story is only so so. (731,922 views, 13,020 replies)
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Two-minute drill
Today 02:44 AM
NHL Season
and well done to caps after a masterful 4-0 deciding game win over the tampa bay lightning. vegas golden knights .vs. the washington capitals for stanley it is. (game #1 monday night / tues morn... (283,250 views, 7,756 replies)
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Yesterday 08:59 PM
The Hall of Fame Class of 2018.
Tagliabue has to take a different path now through the Contributors route. (2,020 views, 73 replies)
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Yesterday 07:50 PM
Will my ST be affected if I don't buy for THFC
on the basis that they cant guarantee every Wembley ST holder a seat at the new WHL, i highly doubt. General suspicion from most people is separate STs for each stadium with a priority for current... (85 views, 1 replies)
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lee harris 10
Yesterday 06:17 PM
Fantasy Premier League Draft
shame it wasn't like the NFL where you could just sign players of other teams bench. think adding 2 more subs would only take up another 20 players but think most would sign extra forwards which... (3,597 views, 144 replies)
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